Sit-n-Go Strategy Guide Part 4

Sit-n-Go Strategy Guide Part 3

When determining what level of SNGs to play, you need to carefully consider your bankroll as well as your own confidence that you can beat a level. Remember to start out playing tight and loosen up later on in a tournament. Always be objective when analyzing your own play.
Avoiding Tilt

Avoiding Tilt

the significance of recognizing and avoiding tilt in poker, emphasizing the importance of taking breaks, understanding the emotional triggers, and implementing strategies to maintain optimal gameplay and mental well-being
Poker Bad Beats And You

Poker Bad Beats And You

You have a pretty looking hand and your opponent has a funny, lopsided looking hand and you’re happy to see that all the money goes in the pot. The end. Everything after that is just an illusion taking your focus away from a truth in poker. You’ve made the...


FTOP VIII Event 15 featured HA (half PL Hold’em, half PL Omaha), which pulled in a nice 932 players into the competition.  With a buy-in of $200+$16 and a guarantee of $150,000, the prize pool was sure to surpass the guarantee.  The prize pool busted the guarantee by...


The FTOPS 8 continued with event 9 and it was a big one, $322 no-limit hold’em. This took place of their usual Sunday $750k and had a guaranteed prize pool of $1,500,000; making it at least double the standard. It was hosted by Gus Hansen, who is one of the most...


Big buy-in, big field online tournaments always seem to attract the best players in the game, which comes as no surprise. The fields are mixed with players taking shots, satellite winners, and of course the pros who frequent final tables amongst all the sites. So it...


The second event of FTOPS 8 was a $240+$16 Pot Limit Omaha Knockout event hosted by Max Pescatori.  It was the first event of six involving Pot Limit Omaha in this series. Being a “Knockout” event meant, not only are the normal prizes awarded for finishing...