3D Slots

3D slot machines are sweeping across the casino industry. Players around the world can’t get enough of the 3D slot games. This modern version of video slots provides even more fun and entertainment than its predecessor. Each of the 3D slot machines has its own story, and trying out different ones is half the fun.

What is a 3D slot machine? Essentially, a standard multi-line slot game on graphical steroids. Each machine features multiple paylines so there are more chances to win. These games look gorgeous. If you’re going to play slots, why not play ones that look the best? Most of these machines feature 3D slot bonus games that make the games very interactive. Playing 3D slots is a lot like playing a miniature PC game.

There are many 3D slot machines to be found at Bovada Casino. Check out a few of the slots below!

2 Million B.C.

The hot 3D slot title 2 Million B.C. definitely has an Ice Age feel. This 30-line slot game features the classic jewel symbols in addition to a bevy of fun prehistoric characters like sloths, sabertooth tigers and cavemen. Special win graphics and side games are ample, making this a fun play for the young at heart. With a minimum bet of .02 on a single line, budget players can still enjoy 2 Million B.C. Alternately, the maximum bet of 1.00 per credit at five credits per line (for a total of 150 per spin) also gives high rollers plenty to sink their teeth into.

Land three or more fire symbols in a single spin to activate the free spin bonus which can also be retriggered. Alternately, three acorns will trigger the Saber Attacks game. Finally, three or more consecutive diamond symbols triggers a scatter pay of up to 1000x your line bet.

Aztec Treasures

Aztec Treasures 3D Slots takes players back to ancient times with hidden treasures, pyramids, and wild animals. The 30-reel game has a maximum bet of $5 per line, and $150 per spin. Players win by connecting 3, 4, or 5 of a number of different symbols horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. There are many different bonuses and free spins that can be earned by hitting three or more huts, gem stones, geckos, or Aztec calendars in a row.

There are two bonus rounds, the Love Hut bonus and the Secret Room bonus. These bonus rounds typically include free spins and higher payouts. There are also some free spins triggered by landing on three or more Geckos. Players landing on three or more Aztec Calendars will receive an instant win bonus which could be worth up to 20,000 credits! Finally, the Spear character is very rare, but landing on it will turn any other icon on the screen into a wild card.

Barbary Coast

Barbary Coast 3D Slots is a great game for those who enjoy the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Based on pirates like Captain Blackbeard, the game takes players on a journey of hijacking ships and looting gold. Much like the other games at BetOnline Casino, Barbary Coast is a 30-line slot that uses a $5 max bet. To bet every line at their maximum, a player would have to wager $150 on a single spin.

Depending on which characters and how many you match up in a row, payouts can vary from 10 credits all the way up to 300. Matching 5 treasure chests will net a player 250 credits, while doing so with a cannon will only result in a 100 credit win. Hitting three parrot symbols will trigger a free spin along with an instant bonus credit. Having the cannon hit the center rell will trigger and explosive wild reel feature which carries over to the next spin. Finally, hitting three of more Ben Sawyer symbols will earn a player an instant bonus credit. There is also a fight bonus that is triggered by three or more Captain Blackbeard symbols. Win this sword fight and you’ll earn even more instant bonus credits!


Slots fans that like games with a fairytale feel may find their happily ever after at the Enchanted 3D slot game from Bovada. This game features a whole slew of fairytale and magic-inspired symbols like enchanted animals, fairies, spellbooks, ogres and wizards.

Play a single line at the minimum bet of .02 to make your money last, or chase the big prizes with a maximum bet of five 1.00 credits on all 30 lines. While players betting a single credit can still trigger a number of bonus features, playing all 30 lines offers dozens of ways to win. The top combination of five wizards, for example, pays 5000.

Enchanted goes above and beyond by offering four different bonus features. Get three golden keys on the fifth reel to start the in-game Tonk’s Tinkering Doors feature. Meanwhile, as few as two Crazy Hats will start the Crazy Hat’s reel bonus. To earn free spins, a player has to land at least three spellbook symbols on an active payline. Finally, if the Rufus and Feera icons appear side-by-side on any paid line, the Save Feera’s Bird feature is unlocked.


The Gladiator 3D Slot title is always a popular pick among players that hope to battle their way to a big payoff. With overtly masculine music, sound effects and symbols this game offers an exciting alternative to the classic cartoon slots. Virtually all big wins are also accompanied by special 3D graphics. Like most modern 3D slots, Gladiator is a 30-line game. Players have the option of enjoying the game for as little as .02 on a single line or of betting full force at five 1.00 credits on all 30 lines.

Five different special symbols or in-game features add fun and value to the game. A princess at the top of any reel triggers the Wildx2 feature, transforming all the reels in that column into 2x wild symbols. Likewise if a hero gladiator lands anywhere in the third reel it triggers the Gladiator Smash feature wherein the entire reel becomes wild. Three or more doors on an active payline triggers an instant Click Me treasure feature while the coliseum scatter symbol pays up to 750x. Finally, landing consecutive hero, coliseum and villain symbols on an active payline will take the player to the Gladiator Battle game screen.

Gold Diggers

The Gold Diggers 3D slot machine brings time back to a simpler time. Set in the gold rush, players spin the slot machine in an effort to line sticks of dynamite, barrels of oil, and mine carts to hit it big.

Players can play up to thirty paylines at a time. Each payline is worth anywhere from one to five bets or credits. Players can have credits be worth anywhere from $0.02 to $1. This means that each spin may be worth up to $150 or as low as $0.02. Players of any bankroll will find that exciting!


Heist 3D Slots bring some serious action to those with a bit of a wild side. The game is based on professional thief Neil Quailand as he attempts to steal $9,000,000 from a bank vault. Unfortunately for Quailand, Detective Albert Kowalski is fast on his heels. As one can imagine, the characters and payouts are based on items needed to successfully break into the vault. The 30-line game has a maximum bet of $5, making the max spin $150.

There are many bonuses one can earn playing Heist 3D Slots including a massive 750 credit reward for hitting 3 or more Drill symbols positions anywhere on the reels. There are also bonus and free spins which can be won by landing on three of more vault icons on any active payline. If you are able to escape before the Detective tracks you down, you will be able to win even more money. Finally, have the c4 symbol show up on position 2 of the center reel and you will earn an 2x Wild Reel. Your winnings on the upcoming free spin will be doubled!

House of Fun

House of Fun 3D Slots is an exciting game whose theme centers around a Haunted House and its crazy characters. House of Fun employs 30 lines and allows players to bet anywhere from 1 to 5 bets per line. The max bet is a $5, which is the largest denomination ($1) bet five times. By using the max-bet, players can earn themselves jackpots or other bonuses.

To win money at House of Fun 3D Slots, players will have to connect certain characters such as a cat, magic mirror, or portrait of an old man. There are 30 different ways to win; this information can be found by clicking the view pays button on the top right of the game screen. Players can also win free spins by hitting 3 question-mark boxes anywhere on the reels. Free spins are worth even more because the center reel is wild!

There is also a bonus round that can be earned with three devil-like symbols. Players will be asked to help Paul and Jane (characters who wandered into the haunted house) help escape from the House of Fun. Doing so will result in even more winnings and prizes.

Mad Scientist

The Mad Scientist slot game offers 3D slot fans a kooky and cartoony gaming experience. Game symbols include test tubes, microscopes, gauges and cryptic equations. The title character looks on from below. An electric hum accompanies every spin but music only plays when you win. This is a pretty straightforward 20-line slot. The betting increments run from .02 up to 1.00 per credit with a maximum bet of five credits per line for a max bet of 100 credits per spin.

The Mad Scientist is pretty generous with the top combination paying 5000x. The generous payouts are further supplemented by four different special features. The switches serve as a scatter with special payouts for three or more in any position. The Wild’o’Cution feature instantly transforms all symbols in the chosen row into wilds. Three or more test tube symbols opens a bonus game while bio symbols trigger an instant win via the Pick Me game. Slots fans that like games with a fairytale feel may find their happily ever after at the Enchanted 3D slot game from Bovada. This game features a whole slew of fairytale and magic-inspired symbols like enchanted animals, fairies, spellbooks, ogres and wizards.

Mr. Vegas

Mr. Vegas is the king of the Las Vegas strip. Play as the high roller in the official Mr. Vegas 3D slot machine. The slot machine features a Las Vegas theme with symbols such as Roulette wheels, die, the Las Vegas sign, and a bottle of champagne. There are even chances for free spins when Mr. Vegas rolls the dice.

With 30 paylines, there are tons of ways to win. Three or more slot machine icons on a payline will unlock more free spins. Five pieces of the money wheel triggers the Money Wheel Jackpot Feature. This is important because players have a chance to win a progressive jackpot. This jackpot makes Mr. Vegas an extremely profitable game to play.

As mentioned before, players can play up to 30 paylines in this slot game. Up to five credits can be wagered per line. With credit denominations ranging from $0.02 to $1, players can wager up to $150 per spin or as little as $0.02. That means this game is suited for both small players and the true high-rollers.

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time 3D Slots are based on a fairytale storyline that follows a brave knight hoping to rescue a damsel in distress. There are many fun characters in this game including a dragon, sword in the stone, and court jester. There are 30 lines on five reels with a maximum bet of $5 per line. This means a player could wager up to $150 on a single spin. In order to recoup some of that money, he/she will need to connect three, four, or five of the many different symbols to receive a payout. Hit five princesses in a row and win 500 credits, land on just three catapults and earn only 20. This is one of the few games where players can earn credits by hitting just two connecting symbols: the princess, treasure, and jester.

Players can trigger a few different free spin and bonus credit prizes in Once Upon a Time 3D Slots. Land on three House symbols on an active payline and you will enter the free spin mode. Hit the knight and princess symbols side-by-side and you will earn the How She Loved the Knight instant money win! The bonus rounds are triggered when either landing on three or more goblin or knight symbols on any given payline. These bonus rounds can result in some big winnings. Finally, even more instant winnings can be found when hitting three of more Sack of Gold symbols anywhere on the screen.

Paco and the Popping Peppers

Paco and the Popping Peppers is a 3D Slots game that features a Mexican theme. Paco and his peppery friends are the key to riches for those playing this 3D slot machine on BetOnline.com.

Paco and the Popping Peppers is an exciting 3D slot machine that is featured on BetOnline. The game features traditional Mexican objects such as piсatas (which are a wild symbol) and chili peppers. Players work to increase a win multiplier which goes up with every pop (or payout) in a round. The Pop Multiplier gives players a chance to win up to a 10x multiplier. Players that pop three or more matching symbols will cause more symbols to fall from above. This increases the multiplier and gives players an extra chance to win: if the new symbols make up a new winning combination, players will be paid out depending on the new payout and multiplier. Lastly, three hut symbols trigger a bonus round. Players must decide whether the next card is higher or lower in this bonus game. The game is over after three wrong answers or ten correct guesses.

This 3D slot machine allows for a lot of variety in terms of number of lines, credits per line, and credit denominations. Players can play up to 30 lines and can wager anywhere from 1-5 credits per line. With credit denominations ranging from $0.02 to $1, players can wager up to $150 or as little as $0.02.


The Rockstar 3D slot machine gives players a chance to party like a rock star. The 3D slot machine looks extremely similar to the popular video game, Guitar Hero. Like the popular game, players will have a chance to play a bit of the guitar. With symbols such as electric guitars, a bottle of liquor, groupies, and famous rock artists, Rockstar definitely keeps its rock theme authentic.

There are tons of features in the Rockstar 3D slot machine that should keep its players more than entertained. Gamblers have a chance to show off their guitar skills when they play an epic solo in pursuit of winning instant bonus credits. Gold and platinum records translate into wild multiplier mania which basically means huge multipliers for players. Three or more ticket symbols on any payline bring players a bonus round.

Players can wager on a total of 30 lines at a maximum of 5 credits per line. With credit denominations worth from $0.02 to $1, players can wager anywhere from $0.02 to $150.


Players that like a little bit of good old fashioned danger and intrigue in their sessions should give The Slotfather a few spins. This mafia-inspired 3D slot title features all the usual suspects with symbols like Tommy guns, cases full of money and of course a full array of gangsters. The Slotfather offers up a total of 30 playable lines with a minimum betting increment of .02 and a maximum of 1.00. Players can bet a single credit on a single line or as many as five credits on all 30 lines.

Where The Slotfather really stands out is in its four special features. Should Sammy Quickfingers show up beside a case full of cash, a Sneaky Instant Win is awarded. Likewise, if Quickfingers’ compatriot Frankie da Fixer appears beside a Tommy gun the player earns Multiplier Mob free spins. Landing enough Underboss scatter symbols on an active payline instantly awards 500 credits. The main bonus game features The Slotfather himself; get three of his icons in a single spin to enter a special game screen.

The Glam Life

Looking to add a touch of high society to your gaming experience? Then you’ll want to check out The Glam Life, one of the new 3D Slots from Bovada. Players of this game will find yachts, fast cars, buckets of champagne, and diamond rings at their disposal.

Operating with 25 lines, The Glam Life allows players to bet up to five credits per line. The coins used for these wagers start as low as 0.02, though high rollers may prefer to utilize the 1.00 coins. However you decide to play, there are several interesting combinations which can bring about extra winnings.

Among these are the aforementioned yachts. Five of these icons, when landed on the Max Bet line, will dole out a massive jackpot. Players should keep an eye on their private jets, as well, since three of these on any active payline will earn free spins. Necklaces, bottles of perfume, and mansions also feature unique rewards.

Three Wishes

Based upon popular Arabian myths, the Three Wishes 3D slot game from Bovada features monkeys, magic carpets, and mysterious dancers. Players will spend their time hunting for a genie, whose power can grant them incredible riches.

Players of Three Wishes will be treated to 30 line gameplay, with the ability to wager as much as 10 credits per line. With coin denominations starting as low as 0.02, they’ll be able to stretch their sessions for quite some time.

Three Wishes is somewhat similar to Treasure Room, another Bovada Casino slot. Both use the same bonus round, triggered by landing three or more magic lamps on a single active payline. The monkeys, treasure chests, and magic lamps all trigger nearly identical bonuses. Still, there’s nothing wrong with this formula. Both games feature unique graphics, however, and the overall entertainment value remains high.

Treasure Room

Players with a desire for riches will find themselves right at home in Bovada’s Treasure Room 3D Slot. The game takes place in a vault filled with gold and priceless gems, with a friendly genie overseeing the action.

Treasure Room is a 30 line slot game, allowing players to wager anywhere from one to ten credits per line. Coin denominations range from just 0.02 all the way up to 1. Players can choose to play either for free or for real cash, allowing them to get a feel for the game before diving headfirst into the piles of loot.

There are several unique features contained within the Treasure Room slot. These include a Magic Carpet, which will appear after its icon lands in any position on Reel 1. From there, the carpet will fly all through the screen, turning each icon it touches into bonus credits. Monkeys, treasure chests, and magic lamps are other fixtures in the Treasure Room, each boasting their own unique effect on the game. The lamps, for instance, are used to trigger the 3 Wishes bonus round whenever three or more of them appear on an active payline.

Virtual Racebook 3D

Virtual Racebook 3D isn’t actually a 3D slot machine. It is, in fact, a horse racing simulator. Players can experience all the excitement of the racetrack from the comfort of their own home. They can even study horse statistics before placing their educated bets. The amazing graphics will have players seeing no difference between their screens and actual horse tracks.

Virtual Racebook 3D features most of the bets found at racetracks. Players can place up to 10 wagers per race at a maximum of $100 per wager. They can place a show bet which is a wager on any particular horse winning the race. The show bet is a bit easier to win with players betting on whether or not a particular horse will place in the top three. The lay bet is the opposite of the show bet; it’s a bet on whether or not horse will finish in any of the last three spots. Lastly, players can place forecast (or exacta) and tricast (or trifecta) bets where they must choose the first two or three places of the race, respectively.