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Aces and Faces

Aces and Faces is pretty closely based on the classic Jacks or Better in terms of payouts, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth checking out.

At bet365 Casino players can choose to play 4- or 25-line Aces and Faces, where each hand (after you’ve chosen which cards to hold) is dealt 4 (or 25) times. This will mean you stay closer to your expected return, useful for players applying video poker strategy. There’s also an optional double-or-nothing bonus round each time a player hits a hand.

Our favorite casino to play Aces and Faces at is hands-down bet365 Casino, and you can try their version out for free right here on this page. If it takes your fancy and you want to sign up and play for real, we also offer a bet365 casino welcome bonus of 100% up to $100 to players who use the bonus code BONUS100. Unfortunately US players cannot join bet365 at this time.

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The game isn’t called Aces and Faces for nothing — the big change to the pay table is that four-of-a-kind has been split into three categories: Four Aces, Four Face Cards and Four 2’s – 10’s. While the normal 4-of-a-kind holdings are worth the same, Four Aces and Four Face Cards pay out a lot more, with Four Aces worth even more than a straight flush. To balance this out there’s a small hit to the return on both Flushes and Full Houses.

With top-heavy payout structures like the one featured in Aces and Faces the first simple strategy adjustment you need to make is to take slightly larger risks – here it’s less worthwhile being satisfied with drawing to a Full House if you have the chance to draw to four Aces. Most video poker variants offer an incentive to always bet the max by offering a payout that’s significantly larger for hitting a Royal Flush with the max bet than with a smaller bet, but this is not the case in Aces and Faces, so simply bet as you feel.

Each time you hit a winning hand an optional bonus double-or-nothing round is activated. You can choose to simply collect your winnings and move on, keep half your winnings and risk a double-or-nothing bet on the other half, or play the bonus game for your entire winnings. It’s a pretty simple draw for high card against the dealer so there’s no strategy advice to be offered here, it’s just a mechanism to add a bit more gamble into the game for those who want it.

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