Bonus Deuces Wild

Bonus Deuces Wild is much like its ancestor, Deuces Wild, but thanks to a few tweaks to the pay table, the potential returns from this game are notably improved!

The main “bonus” feature is as follows, using Bovada Casino‘s pay table as an example: if you get a four-of-a-kind with Deuces with an Ace kicker, you get 1000 points more than without an Ace when playing max coins.

With a very decent maximum possible payout of 99.4502% assuming perfect play, this game should definitely be in the arsenal of all good video poker players.

Obviously, deuces are the most valuable card and should always be kept. If you have at least one deuce, decide which other card(s) to keep based on the highest payout. For example, if you have 2c Ah Kh 4s 3d, you should keep both the Ah and Kh with the deuce.

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We have listed the top pay table for Bonus Deuces Wild, which can be played at casinos such as Bovada Casino. They among others offer the best pay outs at 99.4502%. Examine the table carefully to get to know the exact pay outs of this very common video poker variant.

Note that there is no particular benefit to playing max coins for this game because the pay out always increases incrementally per coin with no exceptions. That means that unlike games like Jacks or Better where it’s very unprofitable to play anything but max coins due to its Royal Flush pay out, in this case players can happily bet fewer coins with no penalty, which means those who are more risk-averse can enjoy lower swings. This makes it a very good candidate for a game to play when for example trying to clear a bonus while reducing the risk of going bust as much as possible.

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