Bonus Poker

Bonus Poker is a very common video poker variant found at most online casinos. The payout structures share some simililarities to Jacks or Better, but the main change is that the various ranks of four-of-a-kind have different payouts.

4 Aces has the best payout out of the four-of-a-kind categories, followed by four small cards 2-4, and finally four cards 5-K. A definitely quirky version in the sense that four Deuces pay out more than four Kings!

To get the highest return, make sure you’re sitting at a 50/80 (Straight Flush/Four Aces) machine, which gives a max return of 99.166% (with perfect play).

Just like in normal Jacks or Better, you should always play maximum coins for Bonus Poker because there is a big bonus for Royal Flushes. Bonus Poker can be found at Bovada Casino and is one of their top paying games, so be sure to check it out!

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Below is the best paying pay table we have found for Bonus Poker, which can be found at Bovada Casino and has a maximum potential return of 99.166%. You can also read about the other casinos that offer this game with this particular pay table.

Take note of the huge difference in Royal Flush payouts between playing 4 coins and 5 coins – the pay out goes up incrementally per coin for 1 to 4 coins (250 increments), but suddenly there is a huge gap of 3000 between 4 and 5 coins. That means that if you play anything less than 5 coins, you are missing out hugely and you will never even come close to getting the maximum return of 99.166%, so always play 5 coins when playing Bonus Poker. Note that this is not always the case with all video poker games, so be sure to read our other articles on specific video poker games to be well informed.

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