Caribbean Poker

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Looking for the best Caribbean Poker jackpots online right now? You don’t want to know which rooms had the largest jackpots last week or even yesterday – that is why we show you the latest jackpots, updated multiple times every day! You won’t find a more up to date comparison,unless you went and looked at every casino yourself. But why do that when we did the work for you? See the table to the right which shows the largest Caribbean Poker jackpots from the top online casinos.

With the popularity of poker at an all-time high, Caribbean Stud Poker has become a favorite at the casino. It is fairly simple to learn and features a progressive jackpot that constantly grows as each hand that does not hit it is played. The chance to win a life-changing amount of money attracts players to the table. Hundreds of thousands of dollars can be won just by betting a dollar. There are not many games in the casino that can make that claim.

There are many views on how the game known as Caribbean Poker was created. One story gives credit to gambling guru David Sklansky. He claims to have created a game called ‘Casino Poker’ in 1982. This game played very similarly to Caribbean Poker except that the dealer revealed two cards instead of just one. He was unable to patent the game in the United States and lost the game to a fellow poker player in Aruba. The game was ultimately credited to James Suttle after learning the game from a player at the Binion’s Horsehoe. It was Michael Titus, who came up with the concept of a linked progressive jackpot, who really gave Caribbean Poker that idea to push it to new heights.

Caribbean Poker is played against the house. All players start by placing an ante on a marked spot on the table. They may place a bet to participate in the progressive jackpot (which is the biggest reason to play Caribbean Poker). The players and the dealer are all dealt five cards. The dealer reveals one card and the players are given the option to play or fold. To play, players must place twice the amount of their ante in the bet box. If they fold, they forfeit their ante. The dealer plays with an Ace-King or higher and compare their cards to the players’ cards. The payouts are as follows:

Royal Flush – 100 to 1
Straight Flush – 50 to 1
Four of a King – 20 to 1
Full House – 7 to 1
Flush – 5 to 1
Straight – 4 to 1
Three of a Kind – 3 to 1
Two pair – 2 to 1
One pair or less – 1 to 1

If the dealer does not have at least Ace-King, all play bets are considered void and players receive even money on their ante bets. The dealer wins if his cards beat a player’s cards.

Players that play the progressive jackpot get paid extra for anything greater than a flush. A flush pays an extra $50, a full house an extra $100, and a four-of-a-kind an extra $500. A straight flush pays 10% of the progressive jackpot while any royal flush wins the entire progressive jackpot.

Obviously, as when playing any casino game, players want to reduce their house or casino edge. In Caribbean Poker, the general strategy is to always play a pair or higher and always fold anything less than AK. The real strategy comes to how players play their ace-king hands. To play ace-king profitably in Caribbean poker, their hand must meet certain criteria:

If the dealer’s upcard is a card held in your hand, the hand should be played since the player holds blockers to the dealer’s pairs.
If the dealer shows a deuce through five as the upcard, play any AKQ or AKQ as the player most likely holds the best ace-king hand.

It is only through playing ace-king hands correctly that a player reduces the house edge as much as possible.

There is another way to increase the player edge in Caribbean Poker. This should be very obvious: only play at casinos that have the largest progressive jackpots. This may be difficult to do online since there are so many online casinos open on the internet today. Luckily, we’ve taken the hassle out of weeding through all online casinos for their Caribbean Poker progressive jackpot. The list below tabulates the Caribbean Poker progressive jackpots at the most popular online casinos. Obviously it is best to play Caribbean Poker at the online casinos with the largest jackpot. Good luck!