Double Bonus Poker

Double Bonus Poker is an enhancement of the Bonus Poker game. The payout structure is pretty much like in Bonus Poker in that four-of-a-kind hands get a boost – the change is that the boost is even bigger, with four aces and four small cards 2-4 paying out twice as much as in Bonus Poker!

4 Aces has the best payout out of the four-of-a-kind categories at a massive 800 (compare with the straight flush at a mere 250), followed by four small cards 2-4 at 400, and finally four cards 5-K at 225. Like in Bonus Poker, make sure to always play maximum coins to cash in on the big potential Royal Flush bonus.

Out of the “Bonus Poker” family of games, Double Bonus Poker has the highest potential return at 99.3693% so you should definitely choose this over the other variants.

Play Double Bonus Poker below!

Below is the highest return pay table we have found for Double Bonus Poker, which can be found at bet365 Casino among others, and has a maximum potential return of 99.3693%.

The main thing to note from the above table is the big gap in Royal Flush payouts between 4 and 5 coins, which means that if you play less than maximum coins, you can actually never achieve the maximum potential return of 99.166%. For this reason alone, you should always insert 5 coins when playing Double Bonus Poker.

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