Double Double Bonus Poker

Double Double Bonus Poker is the last in the series of “Bonus Poker” type games. They take the idea from Bonus Poker and Double Bonus Poker to never before seen heights as the 1-4 coin pay outs for four Aces exceeds Royal Flushes!

Indeed, this is one of the top-heaviest pay tables you will find. In comparison to Double Bonus Poker, the payouts for Full Houses, Flushes and Straights are reduced in order to raise the payouts for each four-of-a-kind category.

It makes for an interesting twist for jackpot hunters who now are shooting not only for the Royal Flush pay out but also four Aces which pays out a massive 2000 coins when playing maximum coins. You can enjoy Double Double Bonus Poker over at bet365 Casino.

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Here we display the top pay table for this game, which can be played at casinos such as bet365 Casino. It features a maximum potential return of 98.9808%, which astute gamers will notice is lower than many other games that we feature on this site. Players keen to play a Bonus Poker variation are recommended to check out Double Bonus Poker as an alternative.

This is another variant of video poker where it is advisable to always play maximum coins to ensure that they maximize their potential return due to the drastic jump in Royal Flush pay outs for 5 coins as opposed to 4. As we mentioned though, although the huge bonuses for four-of-a-kind may seem tempting, statistically speaking this game doesn’t compare that well to many other versions of video poker, so be sure to check out our other game pages to find the most profitable game.

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