Double Jackpot Poker

Double Jackpot Poker is very closely based on the classic Jacks or Better but there are enough changes to make it worth reading up on. This video poker variant breaks down the Four-of-a-Kind holding into five different holdings, depending on the value of the cards that make up the Four-of-a-Kind and on the fifth unconnected card. The coolest feature of this game, though, is without question the optional double-or-nothing bonus round that’s activated each and every time you hit a winning hand.

Although Double Jackpot Poker is a popular variant and therefore found at quite a few different online casinos, if you’re from the United States we definitely suggest you play at bet365 Casino. The reason for this is pretty simple: these guys have the most generous pay out table, so you’re maximizing your chance to win by playing at bet365. Throw in a 100% up to $200 welcome bonus with the bonus code CASINO200, and it’s an easy choice. To get a feel for the game at bet365 you can play the flash version right here on this page.

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Basically the only changes on the pay table when you’re comparing it to the traditional Jacks or Better variant is that Four-of-a-Kind can pay out up to five different amounts, depending on whether you’ve hit Four Aces with a King, Queen or Jack kicker, or one of several weaker Four-of-a-Kind hands you can check out in bet365’s pay table below. Strong Four-of-a-Kind holdings pay out a lot more, but quad Deuces through Tens pay out slightly less than in standard video poker.

Although this game is very similar to Jacks and Better and the strategy adjustments you should make are very minor, there’s a couple of points that bear repeating. The biggest payout on the table is only available when you bet 5 coins, and it’s four times as big as the payout for hitting the same hand while betting only 4 coins, so always bet 5 coins. Strong 4-of-a-Kind hands pay out a lot more compared to full houses, so remember this when picking which cards you want to discard.

Every time you win a hand you can play a double-or-nothing bonus round – the cool thing is, if you win this double-or-nothing bonus round you can enter into yet another double-or-nothing round and so on and so forth, so you can really get into the spirit of gambling if you so choose!

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