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EChecks – When to Use Them, Why to Use Them, and How to Use Them

For most online game players, one of the most difficult parts of establishing an account involves finding a deposit/funding option that works and is easy to use. Echeck Casinos have solved this dilemma by providing a free, easy, and almost-instant deposit option using eChecks. In a nutshell, eChecks are simply a way for you to use your personal bank account to access funds for the site of your choice – it is the equivalent of writing a paper check to the site electronically, hence the name “eCheck”.

So why should you care about using eChecks? Well, simply put, it is the easiest way to get money onto an online casino if you’re located in the US. Many USA players will probably find that their credit cards may be declined for one reason or another, but e checks almost always work flawlessly. See below for some of the top eCheck casinos:

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You may be apt to think that with a name of Sports Interaction you would only find sports betting. However, this is not true! Sports Interaction Casino offers hundreds of casino games, poker, and everything in between. The cherry on top if the acceptance of instant eChecks. So not only can you basically play whatever you want, from where ever you are, Sports Interaction is a top eChecks casino. Check out our screen shots below to see how to deposit using echecks at Sports Interaction!

Several online casino sites now offer the option to deposit by eCheck, just like many instant echecks poker rooms. They do this because it is a safe, quick, secure deposit method for both you and the processing site, so in that regard, everyone truly wins! Echeck casinos are interested in getting your deposit processed and getting you to the tables, so they have provided this method to make it fast, easy, and painless for you to begin playing.

In order to get started, all you need is a player account on the site of your choice plus a valid bank account and you are ready to go. Many sites offer the option (we’ll cover a few of those below), but first let’s walk through the deposit process, using Sports Interaction Casino and Sportsbook as an Example:

++ Step 1: Establish a Player Account on the site of your choice. Make sure that the account uses legitimate personal information, or your bank transaction will be declined.

++ Step 2: Find the “eCheck” Option in the Deposit menu, and it is important to note that almost every eCheck Casino will use the same icon and logo for this method. It looks like this (you can see the eCheck option in the middle):

eCheck Casinos Sports Interaction

Click the “Deposit” Button to the right of the eCheck Logo in order to get started on the final form.

++ Step 3: Add your personal Banking Information in the next form and choose your Deposit amount (Limits vary by site, for this site it is a minimum of $25 USD and a maximum of $200 USD). The information will be entered on this form:

Instant eCheck Casinos Sports Interaction

(Note that on this form your personal info is already set from earlier, so make sure it is correct! Instant echeck Casinos will simply decline your transaction if the personal info, banking details, and deposit amount are incorrect or incomplete, so take your time filling it all out!)

That’s really all there is to depositing using eChecks! Their main benefit to you as a player is their simplicity, PLUS the fact that you are using funds you already have, as opposed to racking up charges on a credit card that will have to be paid back later. In most cases, the deposit will be instantaneous or close to it; as soon as the site can verify your funds, they will let you get to work using them! Any eCheck Casino that offers the option is worth checking out as it is a safe, easy, and secure deposit method.

So what sites offer the eCheck option? Obviously Sports Interaction (our example site) is one that offers it, as is Lucky Red Casino, Rome Casino, Cool Cat Casino, and Casino States, just to name a few. You can download free casino games at these eCheck Casinos and others that offer the deposit method for every new player that signs up.

Just a few things to consider/note about using eChecks:

— Most sites have time-based limits on eCheck deposits. (Maximum daily, weekly, and monthly deposit limits)

— Some sites will require you to fill out a personal verification form (which may include photos of your ID and information) to “prove that you are you” – – it’s a security measure to protect you as a player.

— If your transaction is declined and all of the information presented was
correct, contact the site first, the bank second.

— Withdrawals from an eCheck account may be electronic (and thus quicker), or they may be by paper check, it just depends on the site. Make sure you KNOW the withdrawal process before you deposit.

ECheck Casinos offer a great deposit option for all players (particularly US-based players), and their simplicity makes them a top choice for getting started quickly, safely, and efficiently on a new gaming site. Good Luck at the Tables!