Fantastic Four Slots & Jackpots

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Fantastic Four Jackpots – Which one of the four is your favorite? Mine is the one who can make cash appear out of thin air. Oh that isn’t one of the bunch? Well, it can be you by playing and winning a monster sized jackpot on Fantastic Four slots! Just check out the table to the right, which is constantly updated with the current jackpot amounts and where you can play.

The Fantastic Four, one of the most venerable super-groups in the history of comics, now have their own online slot game. As part of a recent batch of releases from Marvel Comics, the Fantastic Four slot has drawn a large following from fans of gaming and super heroes alike.

Across each of the Fantastic Four slot’s five reels, players will be treated to lush views of the famous Invisible Woman (Sue Storm), Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards), the Human Torch (Johnny Storm), and the Thing (Ben Grimm). Each character has been richly rendered by the game artists, lending a true sense of the comic’s excitement to the spinning reels.

While many other slot games have only a single wild symbol, the Fantastic Four slot has (what else?) four of them. Each member of the team can act as a wild symbol whenever they appear by themselves on a reel. This translates into a wealth of jackpot potential, especially once the members start teaming up!

But of all the jackpots available through the Fantastic Four slot, none possess the winning numbers to match the game’s progressive jackpot. Titan Casino, for example, has nearly reached the $1,000,000 mark in their prize pool. Bet365 has amassed even more cash, totaling more than $1.2 million. But none of these gaming groups have soared to the heights reached at Betfair, where the Fantastic Four slot progressive jackpot has climbed nearly to the $10,000,000 mark.

There are a few other special areas here, including a bonus round. Player can earn free spins by snagging three or more Fantastic Four logos, triggering said bonus round. While some of Marvel’s other slots (Iron Man and Spiderman, for instance) are home to flashy bonuses, the folks behind the Fantastic Four slot have opted to keep things a bit more simple. This has worked out well, according to patrons of the slot.

This combination of old and new has created one of the most balanced games in the Marvel Comics slot lineup. The Fantastic Four slot has it all – great graphics, multiple wilds, and old school bonus fun. It’s little wonder that such sites as, Titan Casino, and Party Casino count it among their regular lineup.