Incredible Hulk Jackpots

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Incredible Hulk Jackpots – Looking to play with the green machine Hulk? We aren’t sure if he will play nice, but he always plays fair. The table to the right shows the highest current jackpots you can find online for the Incredible Hulk themed slot machines!

Dont make this slots game angry Based off of the classic green comic book hero, the Incredible Hulk slots is a 5-reel, 25 payline game developed by Playtech. With this many paylines, hitting winning combinations is easier than ever. You can choose any payline or group of paylines you want to bet on, or even bet the max to cover all 25.

The Incredible Hulk slot bonuses include a substitute card and scatter symbol. The substitute card is very useful and will help you complete a payline to win. The card is a graphic of a menacing Incredible Hulk eye. Activate the card, and the camera pulls back to reveal the Hulk flexing his giant green muscles in his trademark move, ripping his shirt off.

With the scatter symbols, you have two options. Land two of the scatter symbols on the reel, and you will earn a nice credits bonus. Land three scatter symbols, and you will activate the Incredible Hulk bonus game. The scatter symbol graphic shows a bomb explosion. When you land the two-card or three-card bonus, these graphics animate into a massive bomb detonation.

The Incredible Hulk bonus game sets you up as the Hulk, cornered by a group of military helicopters. Your job is to grab nearby objects, and launch them into the air at the helicopters. Depending on which helicopter you smash, you can win free games, multipliers, and more. You can keep throwing objects at helicopters to try and build up a huge bonus, or return to the game and start racking up free money and points!

The Incredible Hulk also features a wild symbol, which is the Hulk himself. When it appears, it will expand on take over three of the reels. From there, you get a free spin, while the remaining two reels spin. In this free spin, you are eligible to activate the Smash Bonus feature. When it appears, you are placed as the Hulk being run at by seven different police cars. Smash any three of the cars, and depending on your choice, win a number of free bonus credits.

The graphics and animations of the game are excellent. Online slots can sometimes be hit or miss, but not with the Incredible Hulk. It is evident that Playtech invested time into creating a thoroughly entertaining game experience.