Iron Man Slots & Jackpots

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Iron Man Jackpots – Do you want to become the Iron Man? Well, if you do, you’re going to need some cash to fund such a project. Why not win that cash in an Iron Man slot machine jackpot? The table to the right shows all of the current Iron Man slots & jackpot amounts you can find online. Choose wisely, then hit the jackpot and build your own custom flying iron suit!

Marvel Comics, one of the largest producers of super hero media in the world, has recently released a line of internet slots featuring many of their favorite characters. Iron Man, one of the most popular members of the Marvel crew, has exploded onto the online gaming scene with a brand new, high flying game all his own. Now, fans of the character can jet into the fray with the Iron Man slot.

The game itself is made up of five reels and 25 paylines. The game also possesses two wild symbols (both depicted by Iron Man in an action pose), as well as a scatter symbol. Unlike some other slots, the wilds in the Iron Man slot can act either independently or in tandem, making it possible to earn major cash in just a few spins.

Spins are available for as little as $0.01 per whirl, so play time can rack up in a big hurry. Players who spend enough time at the reels will likely trigger one of the most exciting bonuses in all of the Marvel slots – the Missile Attack Bonus Round. This special prize area is triggered by three or more Iron Man scatter symbols. Players are then put inside the suit of the man himself and tasked with shooting down a flock of missiles en route to their targets. By successfully completing this round, users can snag cash prizes, free plays, and even extra multipliers.

As do all of the members of Marvel’s new gaming lineup, the Iron Man slot features rich graphics and a strong audio component. Players will be treated to detailed, exciting animations of the super hero and his foes, flying across their screen as the wins begin to mount. The explosions and action-packed fly-by’s add an immense amount of excitement to the overall experience.

Speaking of winnings, arguably the most interesting aspect of the Iron Man slot comes in the form of its progressive jackpot. Between the Iron Man and Iron Man 2 game versions, there have been a pair of these jackpots which have rocketed past the $9,000,000 mark. These strong numbers place the Iron Man slot near the top of their class.

There are several sites currently operating with the Iron Man slot as a part of their gaming arsenal. Big names such as Betfair, bet365, Titan Casino, and each have at least one version of the game, while several count both versions among their ranks. Many of these companies run special slots promotions as well, which gives users an even bigger reason to play.