Joker Poker

Joker Poker is a fan favorite video poker game with a similar format to the classic Jacks or Better. The big change is cards are dealt from a 53 card deck rather than a 52 card deck, with the additional card being a Joker which plays wild. This sees some changes to the pay table with the introduction of 5 of a Kind and Royal with Joker, both of which pay out near the top of the board. The biggest winner in Joker Poker, however, is a sequential royal flush, worth as much as 20,000 coins at some casinos!

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There are a few important things to bear in mind when playing Joker Poker. Firstly, the wild joker means you’re likely to hit both big and small hands more frequently, which is always great news. The real money is to be found in the new additions to the pay table: Sequential Royal Flush, 5 of a Kind and Royal with Joker, with a normal Royal Flush still also paying very nicely. The flip side of this is that all the standard hands pay out less, and rather than Jacks or better a pair has to be Kings or better to be counted as a valid hand.

The clearest strategy adjustment you need to make is always hold the Wild Joker if you get your hands on it, as its power to improve any hand is massive. It might be a good idea to take the risk of drawing to the slightly harder-to-hit hands, especially the new hands not found in Jacks or Better. With the way this pay table is set up there are big pay outs for big hands which you’re more likely to hit with the joker. While it’s true you’re also more likely to hit smaller hands like pairs and two pair with the wild joker in play, these have been made to pay less, with two pair not even paying out more than a single pair.

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