Loose Deuces

Loose Deuces takes its name from the fact that deuces are wild in this Video Poker variant, meaning you can use a deuce in the place of any other card in the deck to make up a hand.

If you’ve ever played Deuces Wild before then it should be a familiar concept, but Loose Deuces pays out more for the really premium hands and, in turn, less for the more common hands. Natural quad deuces are worth huge here, and you don’t have to change your strategy much since you will be keeping 2s anyway. One minor difference though is you might want to think twice about holding other cards with your 2s for a better chance to hit quads 2s.

Different casinos make slight tweaks to how the pay outs work, which can make the game more or less profitable for a player using optimal strategy. The most profitable pay out table is to be found at bet365 Casino.

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The most important thing to know when playing Loose Deuces is that, unlike in more traditional video poker variants, the lowest paying hand is Three-of-a-Kind. This sounds bad for the player, but the fact that deuces are wild mean you simply hit better hands way more often than in games like Jacks or Better. The payable is geared towards top line hands which have really high pay outs, while anything worse than a straight flush pays out a lot less than you might be used to. Four Deuces is also a very valuable hand to hit – if you’re betting with less than five coins this is worth even more than making a royal flush.

We nevertheless recommend you play with five coins as the payout for a royal is proportionally so much more than when you make the hand with a bet of just four coins or less. Don’t try to settle for a lot of small wins in this game as the pay table really rewards going for the huge hands like five-of-a-kind (only possible because deuces are wild), four deuces or of course a Royal Flush. Take the big risks and enjoy the even bigger rewards! This means doing otherwise crazy things like throwing away a second pair in the hopes of hitting deuces and improving a one-pair holding to 3-of-a-Kind or better.

You can play Loose Deuces right here on this page to get a feel for the game and practice some of the strategy tips you’ve just learned. Since the flash game on this page comes from bet365 Casino, you should feel right at home when you take the plunge and sign up to play for real- just don’t forget to use the bonus code bonus100!

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