Online Video Slots

There are both similarities and differences when playing online video slots compared to playing at a casino. Both have their pros and cons, but in general, playing at an internet casino is much more convenient, profitable, and fun. The biggest benefits to playing online compared to live is the ability to play from home, large deposit bonuses not offered by casinos, and the enjoyment of having 50+ games immediately at your fingertips. That is what makes sites like Cool Cat Casino so much better than heading to your local casino.

Whether you are a serious or casual player, there are many reasons why playing online video slots is better than casino slots. For those living a significant distance away from their nearest casino, they can spend a decent amount of money on both gas and hotel bills. Instead, all you have to do when playing at home is walk to your computer. Online players also don’t have to deal with drunks or smokers at the casino. The atmosphere at most casinos can be quite dull. Sitting in a room with no windows, filled with smoke, and littered with loud drunks is no way to enjoy your slot playing experience. At home one could enjoy a nice day by playing on their patio with a laptop or opening the blinds and having some nice scenery. Also, forget getting dressed up to go to the casino. When playing online video slots you can wear whatever you want!

Casinos have some of the worst promotions when it comes to video games. While you might get a free drink every hour, there is not much else offered by the house. That is a much different story online where there are more casinos competing for your action. This leads to all of the rooms offering huge initial deposit bonuses, great VIP rewards, and fast/courteous customer support. Rooms like Cool Cat Casino have all of these covered with their 400% initial deposit bonus, High Roller VIP Status, and around-the-clock online customer service. Cool Cat treats their players like VIPs no matter how much they play for. At a casino you might have to gamble tens of thousands of dollars to even catch someone’s attention.

Even at the best casinos their games do not have as many online video slots options as you will find at places like the Cool Cat Casino. The internet-based rooms can have up to 100 different varieties of slot games alone. The best part is that you do not have to get up and move from machine to machine when changing games. Instead, just a few clicks of your mouse will switch you from slots to blackjack and back again. At some casinos you might walk around for a while just to find your favorite game, but at an online casino all of the games are easily found in their Main Lobby.

Cool Cat Casino Lobby

These are just some of the reasons why playing online video slots is much better than at a casino. There are many more, but you should play online to find out. Be sure to check out Cool Cat Casino which offers a great deposit bonus and wonderful customer support. Who knows, you might never go back to a brick and mortar casino again.