Paypal Casinos

Paypal is the one of the largest and most-marketed e-wallets in the world. In the early days of online poker, Paypal was the preferred method of depositing and withdrawing funds for players worldwide. Up until 2002, they were the leading processor for Internet casinos. Unfortunately for players, Paypal is no longer available for gambling transactions for customers in the United States and Canada. They left the Internet gambling market in 2002, following accusations of wrongdoing by the U.S. federal government. Paypal has now returned to the European market, and is a fantastic option for players with the urge to play online.

With hundreds of millions of customers, they process a staggering number of transactions daily. Paypal is a payment processor, meaning they accept payments and transfer funds for customers, while charging a small fee for every transaction. While similar to a bank, Paypal does not concern itself with the minutiae of its customer’s finances. For players who can access European sites, Paypal still offers a number of great benefits, listed below:

-The most respected brand name in the e-wallet business.

-An emphasis placed on consumer security.

-The convenience of using one of the most prolific players in e-commerce.

-A history of customer satisfaction.

European players are still welcome to utilize Paypal on a number of fine online casinos. A few of them are listed below:

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Paypal’s greatest strength comes from its popularity. It is likely that you have seen the Paypal logo when making a transaction online, or even have an account yourself! This is because Paypal is incredibly popular. Owned by eBay, Paypal offers a player the chance to center their world of online e-commerce into one, widely accepted payment processor.

Paypal’s security is also top-notch, with numerous safeguards possible before a player makes their first transaction. Most customers have to get their bank accounts verified through the company, and they also have the option of using security keys. Available in many European countries, these security keys create six-digit numbers for the player to use as varying password for certain transactions, making it very difficult to steal a person’s money without their security token.

Overall, Paypal offers great security and convenience to all its customers. Their 24/7 customer service is important for any financial institution, but Paypal has a proven track record of great performance. It’s hard to go wrong with Paypal for your online gaming needs.