Video Poker Jackpots

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Unfortunately there are no video poker jackpots available for US players. If you are in the US and want a video poker bonus, see our online video poker page which ranks all casinos based on our video poker formula.

Did you know that you can win big money by playing video poker? Yes, the game that most people feel only gives a small return has the potential for big returns! How? You just have to hunt for the online casinos that offer video poker with progressive jackpots. But who has the time? Just check out the grid to the right, we’ve compiled a list of the top online casinos that offer a jackpot for video poker!

So how does it work? How do you hit the jackpot? In order to snag the progressive, you have to hit a natural royal flush. I say natural because some of the games include some wild cards and if you use the wild card to hit a royal flush, it will not count as a progressive jackpot. So you need to hit T J Q K A of the same suit, and the jackpot is yours! But how much will you win? The grid to the right shows just how much you will win, depending which online casino and game you decide to play.

Why do we recommend a jackpot that isn’t the highest? Well, there are a few reasons but mainly it comes down to what you can afford. You may see some jackpots listed for $100,000+, but these might require you to bet $25 per hand at a $5 machine. That can get quite steep! But you can find jackpots for $5,000+ while only wagering between $1.25 – $5 per hand which is much more manageable. You also want to consider the pay outs of the other games. Some casinos might promote a massive jackpot, but then trim down how much you receive for hitting other more common prizes, such as two pair, flushes, or full houses. If they change the pay outs for those, it can make for a bad machine. So basically it comes down to what you can afford – if you can bet $25 per hand, definitely try for the high jackpots! If you’re more of a small time grinder like me, but like the thrill of scoring some bigger bucks, then go for our recommended jackpots! Who knows, you may be just a few hands away from that royal flush!

Usually, a royal flush pays 4000 credits on max bet by standard. But some machines offer a progressive jackpot, and you can find those machines at the rooms listed to the right. These jackpots work like this – for every dollar that is bet, more money is added to the progressive jackpot. It keeps getting bigger and bigger until some one comes around and snipes the royal flush. Hey, that could be you!