Video Poker Trainer

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Have you ever been playing video poker and faced a tough decision? I’m sure you have. We have developed a great tool that will be able to calculate the best course of action based on your cards! This trainer is a must for every Video Poker player. The tool currently works for Jacks or Better, Aces & Eights, Double Bonus Poker, and Bonus Poker.

Video poker has been a very popular casino game since it burst onto casino floors in the early 1980s. They represent a welcome change from traditional slot machines where you simply put your money in and the machine tells you if you win or not. In Video Poker there are important strategy decisions to be made on every hand. Often times the decision is obvious, but at other times decisions can be close. Choosing the right one every time will give you a much better return while playing.

With this Video Poker Trainer, you’ll be able to examine different outcomes based on the cards you are dealt and which ones you choose to hold. It works a lot like the very popular poker program PokerStove, allows the user to select different hands and then calculate the Expected Value (EV) of each.

Simply select the 5 cards you are dealt, then click the “Process” button. Results will appear below for the +EV of each hand value, in order of the best option, followed by the other 5 best choices. Of course, you should ALWAYS choose the best option. Bolded at the bottom is your total EV, which represents how many credits you will get back on average by holding those specific cards.

Now go back and select two different cards to hold, click “Process” again. You’ll see that the probabilities change and EVs change. If this new bolded EV number is higher than your previous selection of 2 cards, you’ll know that holding these 2 cards is better.

Here are some examples. In all calculations we are assuming you are playing the maximum (5) credits, which you should be, to have a chance at the Royal Flush payout.

Holding Ah Kh Qh Ad 7c. Should you hold the pair of aces, or go for the longshot on getting your last 2 Royal Flush cards? Selecting the Ah Kh and Qh to hold and pressing “Process” shows the probabilities for each hand ranking, along with the EV.

As you can see, the net result is an EV of 6.76. That means on average we will win 6.76 credits by choosing to keep the Ah Kh Qh. Not bad!

But what if instead we opt to keep the made hand of two aces and draw 3 cards to try and improve it?

Now our EV has gone up and on average we will get back 7.53 credits. That’s a gain of 0.77 credits! That’s money right back into your pocket! As you can see, making the correct decision can make quite a difference on your bankroll’s bottom line.

There are some common matchups that you’ll encounter often. Here are a few results that the Video Poker Trainer calculated for us:

AK and a small pair (eg AK552) – Holding AK gives an EV of 2.38. Holding 55 gives an EV of 3.97
Big pair with 4 of one suit (eg AAs2s7s8s) – Holding the AA: EV 7.53. Going for the flush: EV 5.00
Small pair (TT or less) and a 4 card straight (eg 889TJ) – Holding the small pair: EV 3.97. Going for the straight EV 3.72

As you can see, by using this Video Poker Trainer you’ll be able to get the best value out of every hand you are dealt!

The video poker trainer tool is a great resource to use while playing video poker. If you’re looking for an online casino to try it out, we suggest looking into bet365 Casino. You can use fun money until you build your confidence, then deposit and play for real, and hopefully win some money!

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