X-Men Slots & Jackpots

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X-Men Jackpots – Are you a human or a mutant? Well, that doesn’t really matter since both would be better off with a million dollar jackpot! The table to the right shows the top online slot jackpots for X-Men themed slots. Don’t worry, we update our content multiple times each day, so you know the numbers are current. What are you waiting for, Wolverine? Spin and score them big bucks!

Marvel, one of the largest and most successful groups in the history of comics, is now allowing their fans the chance to play online slots games featuring many of their famous characters. Several internet casinos have picked up on this phenomenon, with The Hulk, Daredevil, and Fantastic Four slot games appearing all over the gaming grid.

But of all the super-groups in the combined worlds of movies and comics, the X-Men are perhaps the most popular. This coalition of super-powered mutants has entertained generations of fans through their films and graphic novels. Now they, along with several of Marvel’s other heroes, have made their way into the world of online slots.

The premise here is simple. Players with an affinity for X-Men movies and comics now have the chance to win real money thanks to their favorite super heroes. The game itself features five reels and 25 pay lines, giving users a wealth of winning combinations. The X-Men logo plays a large part in the game itself, representing the Scatter symbol. By snagging three or more of these Scatters on an active play line, users can net free games. The X-Feature also plays prominently in the slot, allowing players to earn as much as a 5x multiplier.

Among those present in the game are Cyclops, Storm, Professor X, Wolverine, and the villainous Magneto. Several other villains and heroes make their appearances as well, giving players an expansive look at some of the most famous faces in the Marvel universe. The game itself can be played in two separate modes – Heroes and Villains, each of which offer their own challenges and rewards.

But the primary purpose of online slots, after all, is to make a little cash. In this area, the X-Men slots have put their super powers on full display. The game itself is offered through several online casinos, including bet365, Betfair, Titan Casino, and Casino.com. Each of these sites host their own progressive jackpot, giving players the chance to win incredible amounts of money. The X-Men slots progressive jackpot at one of these sites, in fact, has reached all the way to $9,000,000!

With all of these exciting offers, it’s no wonder that the X-Men slot has exploded into popularity. Comic fans and slot lovers alike are continually finding new and better reasons to log on and play.