We have closely been covering news and updates on regulated poker in the United States. See if online poker laws have been passed in your state.

  • California (4)
  • Delaware (4)
  • Hawaii (1)
  • Illinois (1)
  • Iowa (6)
  • Kentucky (3)
  • Maryland (2)
  • Massachusetts (1)
  • Minnesota (1)
  • Mississippi (2)
  • Nebraska (1)
  • Nevada (16)
  • New Jersey (25)
  • New York (3)
  • North Carolina (2)
  • Ohio (1)
  • Tennessee (1)
  • Utah (5)
  • Washington (1)

  • Illinois Considering Online Poker

    When the Department of Justice issued its reinterpretation of the Wire Act in December of last year in response to the interest New York and Illinois had in selling lottery tickets via the Internet, the door was opened for Illinois to become the first state to offer...

    132 Domain Names Seized in Kentucky

    Judge Thomas Wingate ordered the seizure of 132 gambling domain names. But, the order wasn’t just to the registrars, it named the registry as well, Verisign. The problem exists whether or not gambling sites constitute being by definition a gambling device. Quite...

    Hawaii Poker Bill Dead

    The bill that could have brought online poker to the state of Hawaii has been shelved for the time being. The bill named HB2422 failed to even make it to the legislative floor of Hawaii’s state government. This adds Hawaii to the states of Iowa, Mississippi as...

    Iowa State Senate Passes Internet Poker Bill

    Iowa’s senate has passed an Internet poker measure according to a short article on cbsnews. This is pretty exciting news for everyone in the United States as it opens the door for other states to follow suit. Now that the bill has gone though the senate it must...

    Utah to Prohibit Internet Gambling

    The Utah Senate has passed House Bill 108 which prohibits internet gambling on computers and handheld devices. The bill was introduced by Republican Stephen Sandstrom earlier in the year into the House of Representatives, who has been quoted as saying, “We want...

    Potential Online Poker in Mississippi

    An article written by Brian Pempus of cardplayer.com suggests the state of Mississippi may be trying to grab a slice of the pre-nationwide legislation pie by allowing for poker to be played by state residents. Due to a reversal of policy from the Department of...