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Make your first best at FanDuel Sportsbook a Risk Free Wager, up to $1000! Take home your winnings from your first wager, or receive a Rebate Bonus if you are unsuccessful!

*Eligibility restrictions apply. See FanDuel Sportsbook for details.

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Keep your winnings if your same game parlay is successful, otherwise receive up to a $10 rebate for another wager!

FanDuel Sportsbook Welcome Bonus and Promotions

by | Oct 1, 2022 | Sports Betting

Sign-up at FanDuel Sportsbook

The FanDuel Sportsbook offers players in eligible states the opportunity to place online sportsbook wagers, in currently 13 allowed states. When new players create an account and place their first wager, they will unlock a Risk Free Welcome Bonus. To learn more about this promotion, check out the Welcome Bonus section.

Click here to sign up to the FanDuel Sportsbook today!

FanDuel Sportsbook Promo Code Welcome Bonus

As a Welcome Bonus for all new players, when you place your first wager it will be a Risk Free Bonus Offer. This means if your first wager is successful you keep the winnings from your sportsbook bet. In the scenario your wager loses, you will receive a rebate bonus for the amount of your wager, up to $1000. Use this promotion as an opportunity to give the FanDuel Sportsbook a try.

This rebate bonus can not be cashed out and can only be used place another sportsbook wager. If this second-chance wager is successful, you will be allowed to cash out your winnings from this sportsbook bet.

To be eligible for this Welcome Bonus, you will need to create a FanDuel Sportsbook account. Then when you place your wager, you will automatically be eligible for this Welcome Bonus. No promo code is required to activate this offer. In the event you lose your first wager, your rebate bonus will be sent to you within 72-hours.

FanDuel Sportsbook Availability By State

To play at the FanDuel Sportsbook, you must be a resident of one the states where FanDuel is allowed to offer online sportsbook betting. Currently there are 13 states where residents of legal age can place wagers at the sportsbook.

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia

During the sign up process for a FanDuel Sportsbook account, even if you have a classic Daily Fantasy Sports FanDuel accoun, your local residence will need to be verified. If you are in one of the above states, your FD Sporstbook account will be created and allowed to place sportsbook wagers. For players that cannot prove they are residents in one of the allowed states, they will not be allowed to bet at the FD Sporstbook.

An important note is that even if your FanDuel Sportsbook account is allowed to place wagers, you must be physically located in that state at the time of placing your wager and even depositing money into your account. As a real world example, if you live in the state of Colorado but traveled to Montana for the weekend, you would not be allowed to place your wager until you returned home.

The easiest way to verify your location is to use the FanDuel Sportsbook mobile app, which verifies your location more accurately using your phones GPS. You can still play using your computer or laptop web browser, but sometimes location verification may be off depending on your internet provider.

So if you live one of the 13 states above, sign up for a FanDuel Sportsbook account to claim your Risk Free Welcome Bonus today!

Location Verification

Each time you make a deposit or place a wager at the Sportbook, your exact location will need to be verified by FanDuel.


Location Verification In The Mobile App

You will need to make sure to “Share your Location” in the app setting of your mobile device. If you are using the iOS version of FanDuel Sportsbook, you will then need to allow the precise location while you are using the app. This is the main reason you will need to use the FanDuel Sportsbook mobile app to place a wager or deposit into your account.

FanDuel Sportsbook Account Creation

Creating a FanDuel Sportsbook account is easy, but you must be a resident of one of the 13 states listed in the above section to create a verified account. Even if you have a DFS FanDuel account, you will need to link your account to access the FanDuel Sportsbook.

As an added bonus for creating your FD Sportsbook account, you will gain access to the No Risk Welcome Bonus. You do not need a promo code to claim this bonus offer, but you will need to sign-up for a FanDuel Sportbook account using this link. This will take you directly to the FanDuel Sportsbook website, where you can click on the “BET NOW” button to get to the sign-up form.


Click on Bet Now to Register


For the sign-up form you will need to enter your real information as it appears on your government ID. You will also need to provide a valid address in one of the allowed 13 states to create your Sportsbook account. During the sign-up process your identity and address will be verified, so make sure to enter your information accurately. If you do not live one of 13 states that FanDuel allows sportsbook wagering, we recommend you do not sign-up for a sportsbook account at this time — you can create a FanDuel DFS account to still enter daily fantasy sports contests.


Choose Your State


First you will need to select the state you reside from the list of 13 allowed states. This will take you to a specific version of the website that is tailored to your state.

On the first form, you enter your User Information that you will use to log into the FanDuel Sportsbook website or app. This includes your Email, Username and Password. Once you are done, press the “Create Account” button.


Personal Information


For the next step you will need to enter your real information, as mentioned previously. This is the information that FanDuel will use to verify you are an actual person living in one of the allowed state. We recommend you take the time to enter your information carefully, to speed up your verification process without any hiccups.

You will be asked to enter your Legal Name (Title, First Name and Last Name) as it appears on your government id card. Next you will need to enter your residential address (Street Name, City, State and Zip Code).


Personal Information and Terms


Below your address information, you will be asked to enter your birthdate and last 4-digits of your Social Security Number.

All the information you entered will be used by FanDuel to verify your identity and your main residential address. You will also be asked to agree that you entered all your information truthfully and are over the age of 21.

You will also need to agree to the FanDuel Terms of Use and Privacy Policy pages. Make sure to click on the terms link to read the details of the terms carefully.

After you are finished filling out the form, you will submit your information and you will begin the process to “Confirm Identity”. If you are successfully verified, you will be allowed to log into the FanDuel Sportsbook site. Some players will be asked to submit additional information to verify their identity.

Make a Deposit

To make your first real money wager, you will need to deposit money into your account. If you qualify for the Risk Free Welcome Bonus, you will also want to make a deposit so you can make your first real money sportsbook wager. You must be physically located in one of the 13 allowed states to fund your FD Sportbook balance.


Account Menu Option

To get to the Cashier, so that you can deposit money into your account, you can get there by accessing it through “Account” menu.

On each page, towards the bottom, you will see a horizontal submenu bar. On the right there will be an “Account” menu option. Click on this icon to open up the menu, where you will select “Add Funds”.


Deposit Options

This will open up the Deposit page at the Cashier. Here you will be able to select your deposit option to fund your account. Currently you can add money into your account using Debit / Credit Cards, Venmo, PayPal, Online Banking, Wire Transfer and Apple Pay.

All of these options are easy to complete and similar to how you pay for items online.

Deposit with Credit Cards

Currently you can deposit using a debit card or credit card backed by Visa, MasterCard or Discover. There is no American Express option directly. If American Express is your only credit card, you can use PayPal and select your American Express card from the funding options.

For credit card deposit, you will be asked to edit your credit card information: this includes Name on the Card, the Card Number, the Expiry Date, the 3-Digit CVV Code, the billing State and Zip Code.

Deposit with PayPal

PayPal is one of the most popular third party digital wallet used to make payments on the internet. If you are unfamiliar with PayPal, you can use your banking account or credit card to fund your payments. Third party wallets are ideal for players that wish to keep their banking information separate when they make online payments.

To make a payment with PayPal, click on the deposit button and the PayPal login prompt will appear so you can log into your PayPal account to approve the payment.

Deposit with ApplePay

Another popular third party wallet for Mac and iPhone users is ApplePay. You can use your Apple Cash, AppleCard, Debit / Credit card or checking account. This options is ideal for Apple users that wish to hide their banking information when making online payments.

To make your FanDuel deposit, click on the button to open up your ApplePay verification prompt. Once you approve the transaction, your deposit will be made into your FanDuel account.

Deposit with Venmo

Similar to PayPal, Venmo is another third party digital wallet that people use to make payments. You will have the option to pay using your Venmo balance, checking account, Debit Card or Credit Card. Different fees and restrictions apply to each. Third party wallets are ideal for customers looking to not share their banking information for online payments.

Click on the Deposit button to initiate the Venmo login prompt. After signing, approve the transaction to fund your deposit.

Deposit with Online Banking

For Online Banking, you will be able to login using your Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, PNC, TD Bank or many other banking accounts to make your FanDuel deposit. Instead of entering your banking account information at FanDuel, you will login to your bank account and approve your deposit transaction. This means your account information will not be stored at FanDuel.

To make a deposit, click on your bank and this will open up your banking portal where you will log into your account. Once logged in, approve your transaction.

Deposit with Wire Transfer

For those that prefer traditional banking options, they can make a wire transfer to FanDuel. You will be asked to enter the FanDuel Receiving Bank Name, the FanDuel Receiving Name, the FanDuel Routing Number (ABA) and the FanDuel Account Number. This will allow you to transfer money from your bank to the FanDuel bank.

One thing to note, the name on the banking account must match your verified name on your FanDuel Sportsbook account.

Making a Deposit for Your First Real Money Wager

Now that you know the different deposit options, choose the banking option of your choice to fund your deposit. If you have not made a real money wager at the FanDuel Sportsbook, you will be eligible for the Risk Free Welcome Bonus on your first wager, up to $1000. You can read about how to place a wager in the next section.

Make sure to sign up for a FanDuel Sportsbook account to claim your Risk Free Welcome Bonus today!

Verify Identity at the Cashier

While you are making your first deposit at the Cashier, you will be asked to verify your identity before you can continue, if you haven’t already.

As mentioned, during sign-up you will need to enter your real information as it appears on your government issued identification card. This same information will need to verified to make your deposit. This includes your residential address and social security number.

Once your information is verified, you will be allowed to make a deposit and withdraw your money.

Placing a Sportsbook Wager

To place a wager at the FanDuel Sportsbook you will need to resident of one the 13 allowed state. Once your account is verified by FanDuel as an actual person, you will be allowed to log in to the FanDuel Sportsbook. Each time you attempt to make a wager, your location will be verified by FanDuel to make sure you are currently in one of the allowed states. If you are currently out of state due to travel, you will be redirected to the FanDuel Daily Fantasy site.


Find your Sports League and View the Schedule

At the FanDuel Sportsbook lobby, you will see a top menu bar with a list of the current popular sports, or you can click the “All Sports” link if you do not see the sports league you are looking to place a wager.

Once you select your league, you will see a list of all the games on the upcoming schedule for the day or even week.


Select Your Game and Check the Betting Lines


Example of Betting Lines Available

After finding the game you want to place a wager on, you can scroll through the different wagering options. You can choose one or even multiple betting lines to add to your bet slips. Once you are done with this game, you can add other games, even from other leagues, to your bet slip.


Place Your Wager on the FanDuel Sportsbook Mobile App

If you are on your mobile device and using a mobile browser, FanDuel will require to use the FandDuel Sportsbook mobile app to place your wager. The Sportbook mobile app allows FanDuel to more accurately determine your physical location. If you need help downloading the mobile app, read the below section to learn the details.

Wagering Requirement for Welcome Bonus

For the Risk Free Welcome Bonus, the wagering requirement is different than other promotions you find online. This offer is a second chance bonus, so no playthrough is required whether you win or lose your first real money wager.

If you win your sportsbook wager, you take home your winnings from your bet. Your winnings will transfer to your withdrawable balance, which can be cashed out when you are ready.

In the scenario your first real money wager results in a loss, FanDuel will automatically send you a rebate for the amount of your initial wager, up to $1000. It can take up to 72 hours for this rebate credited to your account. Once you receive this rebate bonus, you can then use it place another sportsbook wager. If your wager is successful, you will be able cash it out. One thing to note is that the rebate must be used to place another wager and cannot be cashed out right away.

No promo code is required to claim the Risk Free Welcome Bonus, but you must use this link to sign-up for a FanDuel Sportbook account.

Make a Withdrawal

As long as your withdrawable balance has money in it, you will be able to request a payout. The current options to receive your payment will be through PayPal, Online Banking or Check by Courier. To receive your payout from any of these options, you would need to make a deposit with that option at least once. The default payment option would be through Check by Courier.

The best way to receive your payout is using PayPal, since you will receive your payment within 48 hours. So if you are in a rush, this options will work out for you. So make sure to make at least one deposit using PayPal, if you haven’t already. If you don’t have an account, make sure to download the PayPal app on your phone and create an account now.

Online Banking can take up 3 to 5 business to verify and the transaction to begin processing into your account. This will be the next best option for those that do not have a PayPal account.

The final option that we recommend to receive your payout is through Check by Cashier. The approval time can take 7 to 10 days. Once approved, your check still needs to be mailed to you, where time can vary by your location.

Our overall recommendation is that you make at least one deposit using PayPal, so you can request all future payouts through PayPal.

FanDuel Sportsbook Mobile App and Other Ways to Play

The FanDuel Sportsbook can be accessed on mobile devices and personal computers. Giving players multiple options to access the sportsbook. Whether you want to play on a larger of your laptop or with the anywhere flexibility of a mobile device, you can use FanDuel Sportsbook to place your online sportsbook wager. Use the same login information to access all platforms of the FanDuel sportsbook.

Each time you log into your account, your location will be verified to make sure your geo-location is physically in one of the allowed states. For this reason, logging into the FanDuel Sportsbook on a mobile is the best way to accurately determine your location, due to the GPS technology of your device.

If you are on a mobile device, you can use your mobile browser to view the schedule of current games eligible to place your wager or even make your deposit. But to actually place a wager, you will be directed to download the FanDuel Sportsbook mobile app. This allows FanDuel to verify your location more accurately than through the mobile web browser.

For desktop computers, use your modern web browser to place a wager and access the Cashier. Sometimes your exact location may not be able to be determined, preventing you to log into the FanDuel Sportsbook. So take this into consideration when choosing between using your PC and your mobile device.

Other FanDuel Sportsbook Promotions

Besides this main Welcome Bonus, there are a couple other FanDuel Sportsbook promotions you can take advantage each week. These offers give you extra chances to win your sportsbook wagers.

Weekly Sportsbook Bonus – Bet Up to $10 Risk Free

Outside of the Risk Free Welcome Bonus, this weekly offer is another great risk free bonus at FanDuel Sportsbook. When you place a sportbook bet on a 3+ Leg same game parlay wager for any NFL game this week, you will get up to a $10 rebate bonus.

If your wager from your 3+ Leg same game parlay wager is successful, you will keep winnings from the wager and be able to cash it out. In the event your parlay loses, you will receive a rebate for the amount of your initial wager, up to $10.

The rebate cannot be cashed and must be used on another wager. If this second wager is successful, you get to keep your earnings and cash it out from your balance.

Weekly Sportsbook Bonus – Bet $20 on a Parlay and Get $10

Another weekly sportsbook promotion you can check out if you are a football fan, is a “4+ leg same game parlay wager”. When you place $20 on a parlay, you will get $10 back!

To qualify for this offer, pick your games from this upcoming weeks NFL or college football schedule and place at least $20 on “4+ leg same game parlay wager”. Whether your parlay wins or loses, you will get $10 from FanDuel! If your wager is successful, you get your winnings from your sports bet plus the $10 bonus. But if your parlay loses, you will at least to get take home $10. So no matter the outcome of your sportsbook wager, you will receive $10 bonus from FanDuel! One thing to note, is the parlay wager requires a final odds of +400 or greater to qualify.

The $10 bonus must be used to place another wager and cannot be cashed out. But if that wager wins money, your winnings is yours to keep and you can then cash it out.

To claim the bonus, you will need to Opt-In at the Promotions page.

FanDuel Points for Loyal Customers

At FanDuel, players that play a lot will get rewarded with loyalty program called FanDuel Players Club. Even if you do not play at the Sportbook, you will earn FanDuel Points (FDP) by spending real money at the different FanDuel sites. The more you play, the more FDP you earn. Nothing is required for you to join, as you will be automatically enrolled into the FanDuel Players Club when you sign-up for a FanDuel account.

For every $1 you spend at FanDuel, you will earn yourself 5 FDP. Use your FDP to enter paid contests and win prizes based on your total earned points. The more points you earn, the bigger your prizes. As an example, every month, prizes will be rewarded based on your points standing and ranking for that time period.

The points you earn will be valid for 1 year from your last activity. So if you take a break, the countdown will start. But if you begin playing again on your account within a year, you reset the clock on all of your earned points.

To use your FDP to enter paid contests, click on a contest you want to wager. When you go to pay your fee, there will be an option to use cash or your FDP points.

As mentioned, you will earn more prizes based on the points earned. There is now a new Level system, with different rewards in each level. This new system is an upgrade and give players the options to take home great rewards. The first level is Free Agent when you earn 50 FDP. Next is the Practice Squad when you get to 125 FDP. When you earn your 250th point, you will move up to the Reserve level. The fourth level is called Prospect once you get to 500 FDP. From there, you will become a Rookie with 500 FDP; Pro, 2500 FDP; All Strar, 7500 FDP; MVP, 25000 FDP; Hall of Famer, 125000 FDP; Legend, 600000 FDP. For reaching the highest, you will need 2,500,000 FPD where you will be at GOAT status level.

Get the FanDuel Sportsbook App download here and place bets on the go!

You can read more details on the Fanduel Sportsbook promo code bonus for new customers here.