Hand Converter Database

There have been nearly 2 million hands converted using the FTR Hand Converter! The below database will allow you to search through every single one of them! Want to search for all the pocket aces hands? What about all the hands at your stakes? Want to see how people play 77 on the button? You can do all of that and more. If you would like to search by hand, please see our Hand Database further down the page.

Hand – Will accept single hands or ranges. For example, you can type AA for aces or AJ+,TT+ or K9+, A6-A8, 66-99, KK+, etc.
(NOTE – You can press the S button to popup a range selector.)
Hand History ID – Looking for a specific hand? You can find it here! For example, input 31729443379.
Stakes – Select a range of stakes or a specific stake. If you want all 100nl hands, input 1 into the text box, 200nl would be 2, etc.