How to Earn FTR Points

Earning FTR Points is easy! Just contribute to the site and you will get rewarded. There are many different ways to earn FTR Points.

The first and easiest step is to simply register an account with us. Visit our Poker Forum, and register a new account, and you will instantly recieve 1,000 FTR Points!

Then make your first post in our Poker Forum and receive another 1,000 FTR Points! You can discuss poker strategy, ask questions in our Beginners Circle, or simply introduce yourself.

You can earn additional FTR Points with every forum post you make thereafter! Start a new thread or keep the conversation going and reply to a thread and earn more points.

But posting in our forum is not the only way to earn FTR Points. Submit a unique poker article (news, strategy, anything!) and if we post it on the site, you will get credited as the author, have our eternal gratitude, gain respect from all your poker peers, and receive 2,000 FTR Points!

Submit an approved poker video and receive 3,000 FTR Points! We can even help you record your own poker video. Read our guide on how to use Camtasia to create a poker video here!

If you are looking for something a bit quicker and easier, help us build the Internet’s best poker dictionary. Scroll to the bottom of our Poker Dictionary, add a unique entry, and earn 100 FTR Points.

And if you are playing online poker, review the site your playing at! Just add your personal comments and review to our FTR review and earn 500 FTR Points. Find your online poker room here, navigate to the poker site you’ve played at, and add your thoughts!

There is one other way to earn FTR Points – and that’s by winning them from others on our Open Face Chinese Poker app! Play your fellow FTR members at OFC or Pineapple OFC and win your points!

Let’s summarize all the fantastic ways you can earn FTR Points:

TaskFTR Points AwardedDescription
Register an FTR Forum Account1,000Register a new account at the FTR Poker Forums. Your FTR Forum account will connect you to everything going on at FTR.
Make your first post in our Poker Forums.1,000Don't just register an account, use it! Make your first post and get rewarded.
Start a new thread in our Poker Forum.10Every forum thread you start will earn you 10 FTR Points (daily limit of 100 points).
Respond to a thread in our Poker Forum.5Provide your 2 cents! Keep the conversation going and reply to threads and receive 5 FTR Points (daily limit of 100 points).
Write a poker article or essay! Submit your poker strategy or opinion of at least 500 words.2,000Have a poker strategy or opinion you'd like to share? Submit your poker article to [email protected] and if approved, receive 2,000 FTR Points!
Create a poker video!3,000FTR has a great library of poker training videos. Submit a video of your online poker play or poker lesson to [email protected] and if approved, receive 3,000 FTR Points!
Enter a new poker dictionary definition.100Help us build the most complete online poker dictionary! Scroll to the bottom of our Poker Dictionary and add a new entry for 100 FTR Points (subject to approval).
Add your review of an online poker site.500Visit the FTR Poker Room Reviews section, find the poker room you have experience at, and add your own review at the bottom. Review must have a minimum of 100 words, and If approved, receive 500 FTR Points!
Play Open Face Chinese Poker against fellow members and win their points!UNLIMITED!Visit the FTR Open Face Chinese Poker Room and play for FTR Points!

Ok, so now you know how to earn FTR Points, but the big question is: What can I do with my FTR Points?

The first and most obvious reason to have FTR Points is to play with them on our Open Face Chinese Poker tables. Only players with points can play these special FTR Points tables in the OFC Poker Room. Our OFC Leaderboards, awards, and tournaments will all be points-based, so if you like playing OFC, then you will want to collect points.

But of course there are reasons to earn FTR Points outside of playing OFC. You will be able to trade in your FTR Points for FTR gear (FTR hats, T-shirts, hoodies, and more), as well as buy-in’s to special freerolls and money-added events only available with FTR Points. All this will be coming soon!

But in the meantime, keep earning your FTR Points so you can enjoy the upcoming benefits.

Tyson Tanaka