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A card is considered a blocker when it limits the number of combinations of other possible hands. For instance, there are 6 possible ways for a player to make AA. If we hold the As in our hand however, then we have "blocked" 3 possible combinations of AA since AsAc, AsAh, and AsAd are no longer possible. Additionally, we have also blocked 4 combinations of AK since AsKc, AsKh, AsKd, and AsKs are no longer possible. Blockers are very useful in figuring out how you fare against a range of hands due to their limiting capacity on villain’s range. To learn more about them, visit spoonitnow’s guide on hand combinations and the effect of blockers here


I decided to 3b bluff with A7s since it had some equity against villain's range, but more importantly it blocked a large amount of his 4betting range.

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