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1) In draw poker, a player may choose to break a made hand to try and make a better hand. For example, if a player held four hearts with two kings in his hand, he may choose to break his pair of kings to draw to a flush. 2) To break a game means to end the game. For example, many card rooms break a game when only five players are left at the table. 3) In tournament play, players are required to break after a long period of play. For example, online poker rooms give their players breaks every hour (for five minutes).


1) I chose to break my straight to draw to the flush. I missed my flush and got beat by two pair. I shouldn't have broken my straight. 2) I chose to stay at the card room until the game broke. Unfortunately, the game didn't break until 4am and I was late for work. 3) I played in the main event and we were given a dinner break. This long break allowed me to refresh myself and get back in focus.

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