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CIB = Click It Back. CIB is a min-re-raise, the acronym comes from the back that it only takes a single click to min-re-raise on most online poker sites. A min-raise is not a CIB, this is a common point of confusion.


The flop 3-bet from hero is a min re-raise = CIB. Hero bets, Villain min-raises, and Hero min-re-raises. Full Tilt No-Limit Hold\'em, $0.50 BB (8 handed) - Full-Tilt Converter Tool from UTG ($58.05) UTG+1 ($53.15) MP1 ($16.85) MP2 ($49.95) CO ($18.10) Button ($11.05) Hero (SB) ($61.75) BB ($67.40) Preflop: Hero is SB with A, Q 1 fold, UTG+1 calls $0.50, 2 folds, CO calls $0.50, 1 fold, Hero bets $2.50, BB raises to $6.50, 2 folds, Hero raises to $15, BB calls $8.50 Flop: ($31) 8, 8, A (2 players) Hero bets $8.50, BB raises to $20, Hero raises to $31.50, 1 fold Total pot: $71 | Rake: $3

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