Created by Jack Sawyer on October 29, 2009


A combination of freeroll and troll. This is used to refer to people who sign up at forums only to be able to play in exclusive freerolls, and these are identified most of the time by their first posts full of bad grammar which goes like "wut is the passwrd for tonits gaem?" and "see you at the felts". Usually freetrolls are posting introductions in the FTR Community forum, and then wonder why their post counts are not going up so they are considered a valued member and to get access to the freerolls.


An actual freetroll quote: what about this tournament? there are 2 FTR tournament, the first one freeroll $200 tomorrow 18/09, the second 300$add 25/09 but i don't see nothing here !!! please update it !!!!


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