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"I want to see that hand", a rule permitted in most casinos where any player involved in a hand can ask to see any player’s hand that goes to showdown. IWTSTH is controversial, because (1) live players do not like to give out information and purposely muck their cards to avoid doing so, and (2) it slows up the game. On the other hand, IWTSTH is a deterrent against certain types of collusion, because players that raise pots with rags and drive other players out of the hand are more likely to be detected if their cards may be viewed. Online poker rooms generally reflect the hands of all players who go to showdown in their hand histories, essentially making IWTSTH the rule in online poker play.


Hero has top pair, and two villains suspiciously raise and re-raise each other all-in and Hero is forced to fold. Hero can invoke IWTSTH to see both Villains' hands and detect whether they were colluding with each other or whether they had hands that justified the betting frenzy.

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