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The term M was coined by Dan Harrington in "Harrington on Hold’em Vol1" as well as in Vol 2. Its used as a measuring stick to see how you are doing in a tournament. With an M below 3, for instance, we are desperate to acquire chips but with an M of 100 we can sit back and pick our spots. To calculate you’re M, you add: the small blind, the big blind, and the total cost the antes will have per round. You then divide your stack size by this amount. For more information, check out Harrington on Hold’em or the MTT section at flopturnriver linked here


I had a stack of 10,000 at an 8 handed table, the small blind was 100, the big blind was 200, and the ante was 25. The cost per round then was 100+200+25*8 = 500. Then my M was equal to 10,000 / 500 = 20


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