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In live poker, tabling a hand is turning over the two cards at showdown. Any hand that is properly tabled at showdown is eligible to win the pot, even if the player does not realize that he or she has the best hand. While the "1 player to a hand" rule prohibits other players from helping a player make decisions during a hand, once a hand is properly tabled, any player can speak up to ensure that the hand will be awarded the pot if it is the best hand that is tabled.


Player A holds Q9, and player B holds AA. The community cards are KT3JQ. Player A tables his hand and announces a straight. Player B, thinking his aces were cracked, turns his hand over on the felt in front of him and shows everyone what he thinks is his bad luck in losing the hand. At this point the dealer or any other player at the table may speak up and indicate that in fact Player B has the winning hand and should be awarded the pot.

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