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Qualify to play in the World Series of Poker $10,000 Main Event at Everest Poker and you could be taking home more than just what you win at the event.  That’s right, Everest Poker is giving its players the chance to reel in some extra cash.

So what is this promotion and how does it work?  It’s called the $1 Million Match and it is only at Everest Poker.  Just qualify to play in the WSOP Main Event via Everest’s WSOP Steps SNGs or scheduled tournaments, and then you can share in the cash.  Everest Poker has agreed to match the total winnings, up to $1 million, of all the players that qualify for the WSOP through them, and then split that money evenly for all the qualified players.  That means if you qualify and play, but don’t cash, you could still earn some cash!

For example, say 100 players qualify for the WSOP Main Event through Everest.  Out of these 100, 20 players cash earning a total of $700,000.  Everest will then take $700,000 of their own money and evenly distribute it among all 100 qualifiers.  This means each of the players would receive $70,000 in their Everest account.

So, if you don’t already have your account set up at Everest Poker, now is a better time than ever to setup your account.  The more people who qualify for the Main Event through Everest, the better!  Sign up here to make your account at Everest today!