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Everyone in the poker community loves a man of mystery. Xwink and Isildur1 come to the mind of most. Xwink, who is rumored to be a 21 year old Canadian, turned $4,000 into $2 Million in four days. Isildur1, whose identity was later revealed to be Viktor Blom, had a $7 Million upswing, and subsequent downswing, which by now are the stuff of legend.

Well there’s a new man, or women, of mystery on the high stakes poker scene, and his/her name is !P0krparty¡. It all started one week ago at the $10/$20 PLO tables at PokerStars. Seemingly out of nowhere, this player !P0krparty¡ was crushing the games for an astounding winrate of over 23bb/100 over 23k hands!

Right afterwards the mysterious !P0krparty¡ embarked on an epic 36 hour session of 50/100, including a $134,000 win against PepperoniF! The final result? One month of play and over $400,000 in profit! While only time will tell whether !P0krparty¡ will go on a heater of Isildur1 proportions, for the time being the poker world is dying of curiosity of this mysterious player crushing the high stakes.

The rumor mill has been grinding hard trying to decipher the identity of this mysterious poker pro. With many players moving overseas, the suspects are many. Some say it’s the Dang brothers resurfaced overseas. Some have speculated that this mysterious player is in fact Harry Kaczka, who plays on Full Tilt as “ugotabanana”.

The conspiracy theorists have gone as far as to point to the 36 hour straight sessions, playing as much as 10 tables and over $300,000 on the tables. It can’t be one player they say, it’s a super team of some sort. A photograph on the internet has surfaced showing Viktor Blom, Daniel Cates, Luke Schwartz, and Sam Trickett sitting around a table. Conspiracy theorists claim that it’s all four of them playing on the same account!

The high stakes NLHE games on Stars have been fairly slow lately, but the high stakes PLO games have been running with consistency. Players so far taking a shot at !P0krparty¡ include Rafael Amit, Gavin “Gavz101” Cochrane, JP Kelly and others. Expect lots of fast paced, intense, high stakes action in the next few months at Stars!