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After just over fifteen hours of play, PjotrNL took home the gold in the 50th event of this year’s WCOOP at PokerStars. The Netherlands-based player netted a purse of $78,496 for his efforts.

In total, 2,453 players ponied up the necessary $200+$15 for entry into this No Limit Hold’em Event, which featured fast play and big antes. This brought the total prize pool to $490,600, far outdistancing its initial guarantee of $350,000.

The professional ranks were well represented in this particular tournament, with names such as Daniel Negreanu, Andre Akkari, ElkY, Humberto Brenes, Liv Boeree, Johnny Lodden, Jonathan Duhamel, Noah Boeken, Vanessa Rousso, and many others entering the fray, according to PokerStars. None of these players, however, managed to make the final table.

Here’s how the final nine shook out:

#1 – PjotrNL ($78,496)
#2 – RandomRab ($58,749.35)
#3 – scorpchess ($41,701)
#4 – ricardotaki ($29,436)
#5 – Csabesz3 ($22,077)
#6 – bananeraise ($16,925.70)
#7 – SarahSugar ($12,019.70)
#8 – aaaRtINS ($7,113.70)
#9 – theguzzler ($4,145.40)

The top 324 players out of this event were rewarded for their efforts, with the minimum cash winning set at $343.42. Six members of Team PokerStars managed to land in the money, with Daniel Negreanu (23rd – $1,569.92) leading the charge. In order, the others were J0hnny_Dr@m@ (59th – $907.61), mattidm (74th- $809.49), Bryan Huang (107th- $735.90), ElkY (127th- $663.31), and frosty012 (262nd- $417.01).

With all of the notable players participating in Event 50, it’s a bit surprising that the pro’s weren’t a bit better represented in the final tallies. However, there’s no denying the popularity of this tournament type. Look for it to reappear soon on the WCOOP stage.