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PokerStars recently released an interesting short film about Team Online player, Greg “DaWarsaw” Mikielewicz, that is worth watching for its subtle humor as much as for what it reveals about this talented, humble online poker star.

Near its start, the documentary describes how DaWarsaw put together a string of eight consecutive winning years playing online poker beginning in 2004. Of course from that moment on, you know why DaWarsaw was recruited by PokerStars to join its team of online poker players in 2009. DaWarsaw began playing online poker by participating in multi-table tournaments. He then tried his luck in Sit & Go tournaments before deciding to concentrate his play on small stakes, short-handed cash games two years ago.

Moments into the 8:26 minute film, audience members are introduced to Wojtek, a gentleman DaWarsaw describes as his “closest poker friend.” DaWarsaw and Wojtek met about ten years ago while bowling, a favorite pastime of DaWarsaw’s. Bowling was introduced to Poland in the late 1990s and DaWarsaw had dreams of becoming a professional bowler until he realized there was not enough money in the sport to make a living. He started bowling less and less after realizing this and, within a year or so, began playing poker on the Internet.

Wojtek describes his friend as ‘one of the first, if not the first” professional poker player in Poland. Humorously, he also describes his friend as having a terrible track record of winning prop bets, estimating that DaWarsaw wins only about 10 percent of the bets he agrees to. Even more humorously, DaWarsaw first corrects his friend’s estimate, claiming to lose only about 80 percent of his prop bets. He then goes on to lose a prop bet worth $250 to a fellow named, Yuri, who defeats DaWarsaw in four consecutive GoKart races.

The film has two especially poignant moments, one toward its beginning and another close to its end. When the documentary begins, we learn that DaWarsaw chose his screen name to demonstrate the genuine affection he has for his home city of Warsaw and the obvious pride he has in it. As the film draws close to its conclusion, DaWarsaw explains how to him, poker represents a new, modern Poland where people are able to enjoy freedoms they were denied as recently as twenty years ago.

If you are interested in watching PokerStars’ newest film about Greg “DaWarsaw” Mikielewicz, you can do so below. Enjoy!