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With Viktor apparently made the break through with his FLO8 and 2-7TD games, he put in a massive session yesterday. Over a massive 16 hour session and 3958 hands, over 3 separate games. Based on this, I’m guessing he’s not been taking my suggestions to concentrate on one game, or knowing when to quit.

One would even think he’s not even reading my articles.

Viktor Started off the day playing at the 6-max 2-7TD $1.5k/$3k tables, and played at these tables on and off for a big percentage of his day. Viktor donated $195,137 to his fellow 2-7TD aficionados at these tables.

While he was playing his first 2-7TD session, Viktor also sat across Tom “durrrr” Dwan at a pair of $300/$600 heads up PLO tables. The match up lasted just over half an hour, and 101 hands. Viktor managed to add $223,764 to his bankroll from the Macau bound Dwan. We caught some of the action:



Viktor then started what was going to be the defining battle of the day, when he sat opposite Kyle “KPR 16” Ray. They played each other over the day in several session, with “KPR 16” taking $64,480 from Viktor’s online piggy bank. With the battle taking place over 1428 hands, the loss is well within the levels of variance that are mathematically expected. We caught parts of the action, and have brought you some of the highlights below:



Viktor was playing various games all day, and it was a little hard to keep track of where he was, between the 6-Max FLO8 nosebleeds, the 2-7TD nosebleeds and a single PLO nosebleed session. If Viktor keeps this up, he’s going to need a transfusion. The PLO session was where Viktor picked up his single biggest win for the day. At a $250/$500 6-Max table, Viktor managed to earn himself a $240,874 profit over 151 hands. We caught some of the action, and have 3 massive hands for you below:



Viktor was playing pretty much anyone at any game, and found himself playing a big losing FLO8 session against “cottonseed1.” This session ended up costing Viktor $383,177, and put a significant dent in his bankroll. We caught some of the action, and have some of the big pots in the video below.



With all this action you would expect Viktor to have had a massive winning, or a horrible losing day, and while most of us would consider losing $80,534 a big deal, for Viktor this is a casual Friday night. Although this isn’t a continuation to Blom’s attempt to pull out of his profit nose dive of the last few weeks, the fact that Viktor put in such a large volume of hands, and managed to only lose a relatively small amount is a good sing in my opinion. No matter who you are, it is impossible to play poker, and win every day. The fact Viktor kept his losses down to only $80k while playing comparatively swingy games, probably indicates he is over the hump, and we will be seeing many more winning days for the Swedish player in the near future.

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