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Yesterday, I refrained from offering any advice to Viktor Blom. the results are as yet inconclusive. So it looks like I may need to do it again, all in the name of science of course. I shall have to persevere in the new field of “Pseudo-Psycho Interactive Pokernomics” which even though is a massive breakthrough in the area of the perception of “luck” has yet to be accepted by academia. But all of us pioneers have to endure ridicule before we’re taken seriously.

Viktor didn’t exactly made it easy yesterday either, as not only has he dropped down to play at tables we wouldn’t expect to see him at (and hence missed a fair bit of the action), but his results, let just call them an indistinct data set.

Most of Viktor’s day was spent at the $100/$200 PLO 6-Max tables, and while we aren’t able to bring you any videos, we do know Viktor turned a $17,348 loss on the PLO tables yesterday. Viktor did come up against Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies at these tables, and the Finn came out ahead on the day to the tune of $135,776.



With the 2775 hands of lower limit PLO being the majority of his day, it didn’t look like Viktor was going to be able to get into the black. But that didn’t take into consideration Viktor’s willingness to play the higher variance games, and a win of nearly $60k against “Seb86” certainly helped. they played at the lower than usual limits of $500/$1000, and Viktor was the winner after 229 hands of action.

Apart from some action at a lower stakes FLO8 table, worth a “massive” $1206 profit to the Swede, that was Viktor’s day. I apologise about the lack of video today, with Viktor playing so many tables we didn’t expect, we just did capture anything worth showing you. We plan to have this remedied for tomorrow.

So, as you can see, a pretty inconclusive day for Isildur1. We don’t know anything about the new science of “Pseudo-Psycho Interactive Pokernomics,” so I’m going to need to wait another day, and see if I can start offering advice that is neither wanted, or looked for. I can, however, still try and work out what the great Isildur is thinking.

With Viktor playing these lower games, I don’t know if he couldn’t find a bigger game, or maybe he’s altering his strategy of only playing the best? After the swings of the past week, Viktor may want a period of relative stability before playing the massive games we know him for again. We will have to wait and see.

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