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If you were ever in any doubt about the sheer volume of poker played online, then this latest promotion from SunPoker should convince you. They’re getting ready to celebrate the 2 billionth hand played on their software by giving away $160,000 in cash, along with a collection of tournament packages to a selection of lucky players.

Cash game players at SunPoker should keep a keen eye on the top left of their table window, where the current hand number is played. As it ticks closer and closer to 2,000,000,000 there will be a number of prize-stuffed landmarks. SunPoker have decreed certain numbers to be either Golden or Platinum Hands. It gets underway with Hand ID 1,990,000,000 – which counts as both Golden and Platinum. From then on, Golden hands occur every 500,000 hands – 1,990,500,000; 1,991,000,000; etc. Meanwhile, the more lucrative Platinum variety arrive every 2.5 million hands – 1,990,000,000; 1,992,500,000; etc.

Golden Hand winners pick up a bevy of rewards. First and foremost there’s a straight cash bonus, followed by an identical amount of money split between everyone who participated in the hand. Finally, the winner of the hand will get a free token into the SunPoker Monthly Million guarantee on January 10th, 2010. The specific amount of money you receive for winning the hand depends on what stakes you play at. The awards are as follows: Micro ($0.01/$0.02 – $0.05/$0.10) – $50/$50; Low ($0.10/$0.20 – $0.50 /$1) – $200/$200; Medium ($1/$2 – $2/$4) – $500/$500; High ($3/£6 and up) – $1000/$1000.

The rewards for Platinum hand winners are very similar, but ramped up another notch. A bigger cash bonus is accompanied by an identically shaped reward for all participants. And once again the hand winner picks up a ticket to the SunPoker Monthly Million guarantee. This time, the bonuses are as follows: Micro ($0.01/$0.02 – $0.05/$0.10) – $100/$100; Low ($0.10/$0.20 – $0.50 /$1) – $400/$400; Medium ($1/$2 – $2/$4) – $1000/$1000; High ($3/£6 and up) – $2000/$2000.

Of course, the biggest prizes of all are reserved for the winner of SunPoker’s Two Billionth hand. First in a whole stream of great rewards is $60,000 in cold hard cash. As a nice added bonus, an equal portion if $40,000 is split between all the hand’s participants. The 2,000,000,0000 winner will also get a $13,000 WSOP 2010 Main Event package, a $7,000 Irish Open 2010 package, a ticket to the Monthly Million Guarantee, and an entry into the ECOOP V Main Event.

The winner of the celebratory hand also gets a ticket to the Bubble Hands Monthly Million Bounty Freeroll, but he won’t be alone. Any player who participates in one of the last 100 hands before the 2 billionth win their way into this free tournament. On the line are twenty entry tokens for the January 10th Monthly Million tournament. In addition, the 2 billionth hand winner will have a sweet $2,000 price tag on his head. Knock him or her out and, in addition to the money, you’ll automatically be awarded a Monthly Million ticket.
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