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2 Bracelets, $5 Mizzle, and Phil Ivey!!!

Jerry Buss

If he can put gas into this thing, $5M is peanuts!!!

Reports indicate that the Boogeyman of the world of Poker, none other than Phil Ivey himself, has made a sidebet of epic proportions with Howard Lederer.

The details of this bet: Phil Ivey wagers the modical sum of 5 MILLION DOLLARS versus the same amount of Howard Lederer’s, and has to win 2 bracelets within the next three years to claim it all. One would think it’s crazy for Phil Ivey to even make this bet at even money, since the odds are definitely stacked against the average player in any bracelet event. But hey, he’s no average player, he’s Phil **** Ivey, and therefore he can definitely take this down.

This bet is a brilliant move by Howard Lederer, Phil Ivey and even Full Tilt as a whole for at the very least two reasons. First up is that it will attract even more new blood than usual to Full Tilt, as it will offer excellent publicity for the site (such as this post). Since rumor has it that Phil Ivey has stake in Full Tilt as well, if it goes well with the company as a whole it definitely goes well for him.

Also this bet will offer motivation for Phil Ivey, since he really needs motivation in order to go through the very long grind of playing bracelet events. Rumor has it that he will be playing in around 80 total events for the next two WSOPs, and he is always a favorite to make some money in them as well.

This is truly a first in both size and scope. One has to give it to these guys who always find a way to take prop betting to the next level. Let’s hope Phil knows what he’s doing. Nothing personal Howard, but goooooooooooooo Phil, we are rooting for ya!