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Going into this year’s WSOP, many people were wondering if a woman would capture a bracelet.  Well, they were obviously talking about the events other than the Ladies No Limit Hold’em World Championship but at least this event would guarantee a female bracelet winner.

Some of the women taking part in this event included Kathy Liebert, Anh Le, Linda Johnson, Evelyn Ng, Nancy Todd Tyner, and Van Nguyen.

Several of these ladies would make it past day 2 as the field was cut down from 1,190 to just 62 players.  Notable players surviving the mass eliminations included Nancy Todd Tyner, Kathy Liebert, Evelyn Ng, Linda Johnson, Anh Le, and Van Nguyen. 

The only one of these ladies to make it to the final table would be Le though.  And Svetlana Gromenkova took the chip lead heading into the final table.

Here’s who all made the final table:

Seat 1 Patty Till
Seat 2 Roslyn Quarto
Seat 3 Marla Crumpler
Seat 4 Svetlana Gromenkova
Seat 5 Sue Porter
Seat 6 Debbie Mitchell
Seat 7 Christine Priday
Seat 8 Yesenia Garcia
Seat 9 Anh Le

It took 26 hands before an elimination took place as Sue Porter and Roz Quarto got involved in a hand where both held two pairs.  It was Quarto with aces and kings that bested Porter A’s and 7’s.

Things moved along a little quicker though as Yesenia Garcia went out in 8th, Quarto was eliminated in 7th, and Debbie Mitchell was knocked out at 6th in rapid succession.

Anh Le put Marla Crumpler out of the tournament next while Christine Priday went out in 4th leaving the tourney three handed at this point.

Patricia Till was far behind Gromenkova and Le in terms of chips and she wouldn’t made any kind of comeback either since Gromenkova’s pocket 9’s put her out of the tourney.

The heads-up play was left for Le and Gromenkova.  Svetlana had 1,477,000 chips to Le’s 900,000 and the duel lasted over 150 hands.

Finally, Le went all-in against Gromenkova who hit a set of K’s on the turn to knock out Le and her pair of A’s.  For her victory, Gromenkova collected $244,702 and the bracelet.

Here’s the rest of the results:

1.Svetlana Gromenkova $224,702 
2.Anh Le $144,567 
3.Patricia Till $73,637 
4.Christine Priday $87,715 
5.Marla Crumpler $60,101 
6.Debbie Mitchell $47,106 
7.Roslyn Quarto $36,277 
8.Vesenia Garcia $28,155 
9.Sue Porter $20,034 
10.Tina Dubowy $12,887 
11.Ngoc Hoang $12,887 
12.Courtney Farrell $12,887 
13.Jena Delk $10,179 
14.Van Nguyen $10,179 
15.Christine Fanelli $10,179 
16.Hoa Nguyen $7,472 
17.Dawn Murray $7,472 
18.Mangala Martin $7,472 
19.Elaine Watkins $5,848 
20.Juli Campos $5,848 
21.Nancy Ricks $5,848 
22.Shavonne Mitchell $5,848 
23.Linda Johnson $5,848 
24.Eukhargal Ochirbat $5,848 
25.Sheralee Brindell $5,848