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The amount of entries for Event #17 went to the cap as exactly 1,000 people took part in this No Limit Hold’em Shootout Tournament.  Their $1,500 buy-ins went on to make up the $1,365,000 prize pool up for grabs.

Perhaps what made this event sellout so quick is the fact that it would be one of the shorter ones in a two day affair.  The action went quick with only the winner of each 10 person table moving on.

By the end of round 1, only 100 people were left to battle for the final table of 10 people.

Those that were up to the challenge included Annie Duke, Phil Laak and girlfriend Jennifer Tilly, Erick Lindgren, Lee Watkinson, David Singer, Phil Ivey, and Andy Bloch.

As has been the theme with many events so far, none of the stars would move on to the final table though seeing how it was made up of unknowns.

But before getting into the final table, there was a big controversy at one point of the tourney with Alex Jacob.  Jacob was thinking about his next move and it took over 90 seconds. 

Andy Mosier then called the clock on him and the floor came out to inform Jacob that he would have only 10 seconds to decide his move. 

Instead, he was given five seconds and he called all-in with 1 second remaining.  However, the floor didn’t hear him and told him his hand was dead.  He argued and then they said his hand was dead when the clock reached 1 second.  

His chip stack diminished considerably after this and Mosier finished him off just a few hands later.

Getting onto the final table, here’s how it looked:

Seat 1: Casey Coleman 
Seat 2: Matthew Giannetti 
Seat 3: Thomas West 
Seat 4: Rory Monahan
Seat 5: Kyle Bowker 
Seat 6: John Strzemp III
Seat 7: Mike Schwartz 
Seat 8: Sergey Rybachenko 
Seat 9: Jason Young 
Seat 10: Alexander Triner

In seat 1, Casey Coleman opened very aggressively but got called for it and paid in the end as he went out in 10th.  Next, Jason Young hit a set of J’s to eliminate Alex Triner.

Thomas West went out in 8th after his chip stack was basically bled out.  Sergery Rybachenko, who had been playing aggressive just like Coleman earlier, finally got called one too many times on it.  On his final hand, his pocket K’s fell to an A on the river.

Kyle Bowker was next to leave the felt finishing in 6th place.  Matthew Giannetti went out after Mike Schwartz hit a full house on the turn and river.

John Strzemp paired aces to eliminate Rory Monahan.  But Strzemp’s luck would run out too as he went all-in with nothing against Schwartz’s trips kings.

The win against Strzemp put Schwartz about even with Jason Young going into the final hand.  The match was a seesaw battle until the final hand when Young’s pair of aces beat out Stremp’s 4’s that got no help from the board.

Young won the $335,565 and earned the gold bracelet.  Here’s how the rest of the players faired:

1. Jason Young $335,565 
2. Mike Schwartz $209,527 
3. John Strzemp III $129,675 
4. Rory Monahan $82,582 
5. Matt Giannetti $40,267 
6. Kyle Bowker $23,887 
7. Sergey Rybachenko $15,697 
8. Tom West $12,421 
9. Alex Triner $9,828 
10. Casey Coleman $7,507 
11. Travis Roseberry $5,596 
12. John McKinney $5,596 
13. Garrett Beckman $5,596 
14. Dave Orvis $5,596 
15. John Wagner $5,596 
16. Sarvesh Pershad $5,596 
17. Danny Smith $5,596 
18. Craig Marquis $5,596 
19. Khalid (Kelly) Hameed $5,596 
20. Shahryar Eslami $5,596 
21. Patryk Hildebranski $5,596 
22. Kurt Younghouse $5,596 
23. Orlando Romero $5,596 
24. Casey McCarrel $5,596 
25. Cory Zeidma $5,596