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For a Pot Limit Omaha tournament, Event #34 definitely had a decent prize pool going for it after 320 players bought in for $1,500 bringing the total to $2,407,125 (w/ the rebuys).

A lot of big-time players took to the tables for this event as Phil Ivey, Lee Watkinson, Tom Schneider, Joe Hachem, Chris Ferguson, Jamie Gold, and Layne Flack all took part in this tourney.

Most of these players would not be moving on though but Layne Flack did manage fairly well in positioning himself near the top of the leaderboard. 

Here’s how he and everyone else looked going into day 2:

1. Frank Vizza 408,000
2. Daniel Makowsky 397,500
3. Kyle Kloeckner 343,500
4. Kevin O’Donnell 266,500
5. Thomas Wahlroos 237,000
6. Jerrod Ankenman 191,000
7. Layne Flack 189,500
8. Nathan Doudney 181,000
9. Tim West 168,000
10. Francisco Azares 164,500

With only 36 cash-ins awaiting, the remaining 48 players battled hard to avoid coming up money-less in day 2. 

And players like Jared Hamby, Daniel Makowsky, and Django Young were among the unfortunate people who finished outside of the 36 person range.

Some players like Clonie Gowen, Erik Seidel, and Barney Boatman were good enough to make cashes, but didn’t have enough going for them to make it to the final table.

Here’s how the final table shook up:

Seat 1: Frank Vizza – 378,000
Seat 2: Dario Alioto – 659,000
Seat 3: Tim West – 187,000
Seat 4: Daniel Makowsky – 493,000
Seat 5: Kyle Kloeckner – 845,000
Seat 6: Jacobo Fernandez – 348,000
Seat 7: Layne Flack – 601,000
Seat 8: Michael Guzzardi – 751,000
Seat 9: Ted Forrest – 757,000

With Ted Forrest and Layne Flack at the table, there were plenty of WSOP bracelets representing as both have 5.  But there were also 7 players looking to grab their first one. 

Day 1 chip leader Frank Vizza wouldn’t be getting his as he was the first player eliminated from the table.  Tim West soon joined him as West got no board help against Dario Alioto.

Michael Guzzardi was soon another player needing help from the board.  He got none as well against Layne Flack and he busted out in 7th place.

The final table opened with Kyle Kloeckner as the chip leader and was looking very good in a big hand with Flack as he held a boat.  But Flack also hit a full house and his was better ending Kloeckner’s day.

Ted Forest’s finish would match his number of bracelets as Makowsky flopped a set of jacks and Forrest could find nothing to beat them.

Dario Alioto’s chances looked good to double up at Flack’s expense but neither his straight draw nor flush draw came to fruition and he was out in 4th.

Jacobo Fernandez is leading the WSOP Player of the Year standings but he would finish 3rd in the Event #34 standings as Flack flopped a full house against him to send Fernandez to the rail.

With all the eliminations he made, Flack held a monster 5-1 chip advantage going into heads-up with Makowsky.  And Makowsky wasn’t able to put up much of a fight as Flack’s set of kings quickly ended things.

Flack won his 6th WSOP bracelet and $577,725 to go with it.  Here’s what the rest of the players did:

1. Layne Flack $577,725 
2. Daniel Makowsky $355,050 
3. Jacobo Fernandez $222,659 
4. Dario (Ryu) Alioto $180,534 
5. Ted Forrest $144,427 
6. Kyle Kloeckner $114,338 
7. Michael Guzzardi $90,267 
8. Tim West $72,213 
9. Francis (Frank) Vizza $54,160 
10. Kevin O’Donnell $36,106 
11. Michael Schwartz $36,106 
12. Nathan Hagens $36,106 
13. Francisco Azares $30,089 
14. Thomas Wahlroos $30,089 
15. Tino Lechich $30,089 
16. Nathan Doudney $24,071 
17. Jerrod Ankenman $24,071 
18. Steven Saris $24,071 
19. Michael Zowie $19,257 
20. Jeff Williams $19,257
21. Erik Seidel $19,257 
22. Johannes Strassmann $19,257 
23. Ravi Shankar $19,257 
24. Benjamin Hamnett $19,257 
25. Julian Powell $19,257