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Quite a few players started the day in Event #36 as 2,447 players took part in the No Limit Hold’em tournament.  Very few players actually made it though to play for another day.

Over 90% of the players that started wouldn’t get to see a piece of the $3,340,155 prize pool that awaited on day 3.  And it took only 12 hours to get rid of this many players too.

Those that didn’t get eliminated had a very good chance to cash since 198 players would be making it in the money here.  Some players were almost guaranteed to cash.

Here were a few of them:

1. Owen Crowe 170,000
2. Danny Wong 114,500
3. Leonid Yanovski 106,500
4. Jim Mackowiak 103,400
5. R.W. Best 103,200
6. Richard Deeb 99,600
7. Duncan Bell 99,300
8. Chris Klodnicki 99,200

The pace of eliminations was once again quick on day 2 as things wound down towards the last 30 players.  Then the player tightened up as people played conservatively looking towards the final table.

Duncan “Pumper” Bell wouldn’t be earning his second WSOP bracelet this year as he busted out on the second day.  Richard Deeb would join him as well. 

Those that did make the final table are as follows:

1. Jesper Hougaard 1,582,000
2. Cody Slaubaugh 1,419,000
3. Danny Wong 1,105,000
4. Rick Solis 900,000
5. Justin Wald 873,000
6. Owen Crowe 674,000
7. Doug Middleton 356,000
8. John Shipley 269,000
9. Aaron Kanter 165,000

Pocket Jacks were enough to knock John Shipley out first and Shipley got nothing from the board with his suited K-Q.  Owen Crowe, who led the tournament after day 1, was the next to go as Danny Wong knocked him out.

Jesse Hougaard flopped a flush and Rick Solis made the mistake of going all-in only to be called.  Solis only had a pair of jacks and was eliminated in 7th place.

Danny Wong was the next player hitting a flush it was good enough to beat Justin Wald and his set of jacks.  Doug Middleton would finish in fifth as his ace got no board help on an all-in call.

Things then tightened up a bit until Danny Wong went all-in with pocket kings.  Aaron Kanter called him with suited A-5 and the suited is the part that got Wong when Kanter got three more hearts on the board.

There was no more flushes waiting for Kanter when he went up against Jesse Hougaard with pocket queens only to see Hougaard find another king on the river. 

With Kanter’s 3rd place elimination, it set up heads-up play between Cody Slaubaugh and Jesse Hougaard.  Slaubaugh would be behind at the beginning but battled to take the lead.

However, the two went to dinner and it was Hougaard gaining the advantage this time.  Eventually, Hougaard went all-in with pocket queens against Slaubaugh’s A-10 and Hougaard hit a set on the flop and won the bracelet. 

Here’s the results of the top 25:

 1. Jesper Hougaard $610,304 
2. Cody Slaubaugh $389,128 
3. Aaron Kanter $258,862 
4. Danny Wong $217,110 
5. Doug Middleton $177,028 
6. Justin Wald $140,286 
7. Rick Solis $106,884 
8. Owen Crowe $81,833 
9. John Shipley $56,782 
10. Jeremy Schofer $36,741 
11. Bryan Paris $36,741 
12. Tom Braband $36,741 
13. Craig Douglas $28,391 
14. Chance Steed $28,391 
15. Bryan Micon $28,391 
16. John MacDonald $20,040 
17. Christopher Goo $20,040 
18. Daniel Bowman $20,040 
19. Thomas Gabriel $16,032 
20. Duncan Bell $16,032 
21. Christopher Coghlan $16,032 
22. Joseph Grenon $16,032 
23. Anthony Sapio $16,032 
24. Edward Sabat $16,032 
25. Roy Vandersluis $16,032