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Event #37 in the World Series of Poker was nothing short of exciting when David Benyamine took the first place seat in a solid match of Omaha Eight-or-better. With Benyamine being one of the biggest names in the poker world it’s no surprise that this very talented player once again rose to the top of an event to take the first place seat along with the bracelet.

Overcoming a stigma placed on him by his peers stating that he can only win cash games, but would do poorly in a tournament Benyamine has really shown his colors. The stats don’t lie and with Benyamine finishing in significant places in a number of tournaments this year it’s clear that he is making a mark for himself in the world outside of the cash game.

“They said ‘I don’t think you can play tournaments, you can only play cash games, that’s all you can do.’ So I said, okay, I’m going to try for one year and then let’s see at the end of the year what I will do.”

The final table had nine players who all knew their stuff in the Omaha world. With the final table kicking off Benyamine had a significant chip lead over his peers. In the end Benyamine was heads up with a player named Greg Jamison, but the cards continued to fall for Benyamine and with the 3.6:1 chip lead it wasn’t long before he knocked Jameson out.

With $535,687 to his name and a first WSOP bracelet to his name after this tournament it’s clear that Benyamine will continue to make his mark on the poker world both in and out of tournament games. His passion may be for cash games, but it’s clear that there isn’t any problem in transitioning to lengthy tournament play when the bar is raised.