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Gavin Smith, Erick Lindgren, Evelyn Ng, and Daniel Negreanu gathered in Las Vegas, Nevada to put not only their poker skills to the test, but their video game agility too, when they competed for the 2009 Excitebots Poker Tournament Main Event Championship Bracelet.

What exactly is Excitebots?  Excitebots: Trick Racing is the lastest and most exciting racing game to be released by Nintendo for the Wii.  In it players go head to head with others in epic fast paced races that incorporate other games such as darts, bowling, and poker!

And poker is what brought Gavin, Lindgren, Ng, and Negreanu to this racing game.  The four players geared up for three rounds of play in which the player with the lowest score would be eliminated at the end of each round.  Points are earned by accumulating poker hands and the finishing position in the race.

First to go was Gavin Smith when he finished with just 89 points.  He blamed his poor performance on his table position and that Ng and Negreanu were blocking his view with their Wii controllers.  Next out was Lindgren when he finished with 122 points.  It was then down to Ng and Negreanu, head to head.  Negreanu, who spent hours practicing the game in order to win the bragging rights, put up a good fight in the third round, but he couldn’t out do Ng.  Ng came in first to win the 2009 Excitebots Poker Tournament Main Event Championship Bracelet and show that video games and poker aren’t just “boy clubs.”

If you love racing and poker, pick up your copy of Excitebots: Trick Racing and see if your score can beat the pros’!