Select Page Releases the Free FTR Tournament Trimmer Online Poker Tool, one of the fastest growing online poker communities with over 11,000 registered members and over 450,000 poker forum articles, continues to add to its list of free features and poker tools with the launch of the FTR Tournament Trimmer.

(PRWEB) March 12, 2007 — (FTR), one of the premiere online destinations for free poker advice, reviews, and poker tools, continues to build on its varied list of free features with the release of the FTR Tournament Trimmer. FlopTurnRiver sets itself apart from its competition by focusing on building a fun, friendly, yet highly skilled poker community, all for free.

The new FTR Tournament Trimmer ( is the latest addition to FlopTurnRiver’s free set of poker tools, offering a simple and intuitive method of reviewing the entire history of an online poker tournament.

Reviewing the play history of an online poker tournament can be very tedious and tiresome, especially if it is a large multi-table tournament spanning several hours. Reading the online poker hand histories from such a tournament is almost impossible, making it very difficult to analyze one’s own play or someone else’s play.

The idea behind the FTR Tournament Trimmer is to simplify the long tournament hand histories into something digestible, that can be read, shared, and posted in poker discussion forums, like the FTR Poker Forum (

The Tournament Trimmer was developed by FTR’s own long time member, JeffreyGB. This tournament hand history converter condenses meaningless hands where our hero simply folds. The hands are condensed into a single line of text – quickly showing the cards, the action, and our hero’s M value (M Value is the ratio of the user’s stack to the initial pot. This is calculated by dividing the user’s stack by the sum of blinds and antes – the inital pot). The hands that our hero does get involved with are then displayed in full detail. The FTR Tournament Trimmer currently supports PokerStars, Full Tilt, and Party Poker.

The condensed history follows the following format:
[Cards Position (M Value; action preceding user + User Action)

*Cards are the cards dealt to the user.
*Position is the position the user occupied at the table (determined by the location of the dealer button).
This is one of:
UTG, UTG+1, UTG+2, MP1, MP2, CO-1, CO, BU, SB, BB.
*M Value is the ratio of the user’s stack to the initial pot.
This is calculated by dividing the user’s stack by the sum of blinds and antes.
*Action preceding the user represents the action seen before the user acted preflop. Actions are separated by a + sign. Each action is represented by a lowercase letter: c means called, f means folded, p means pushed all-in, r means raised.
*User Action represents the action taken by the user. The same translation as above applies, however the actions taken by the user are represented by capitol letters.

[2s 3c UTG+1 (M=50.00; r+F)

The user was dealt 2s and 3c as his down cards, was second to act, had 50 times the sum of blinds and antes, faced a raise from the player who was first to act, and chose to fold.

Along with the launch of the free FTR Tournament Trimmer tool is the accompanying Tournament Archives. All the poker tournament hand histories processed by the Tournament Trimmer are archived for later retrieval, browsing, and sharing. You can browse how our “hero” has played in various tournaments of different sized playing fields and buy-ins. Reviewing the Tournament Archives a great way to learn successful play from accomplished tournament players or to learn from others’ mistakes. Visit the Tournament Archives here: offers these tools and many others for absolutely free, browse all the free online poker tools and other recommended poker tools at also features numerous Texas Holdem strategy articles, an online poker league, comprehensive reviews of over 50 online poker rooms (, the bustling poker forum, private freerolls and much more.

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