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Rarely does a WSOP go by without some sort of controversy emerging about players celebrating way too much after winning pots. This year, Mike Matusow was in the center of the biggest one when he got a one-round penalty for excessive celebration with 22 players left in Event #25.

With no video available, different recollections of the event prompted different reactions from players, many of whom took the side of The Mouth, saying that the penalty was uncalled for. Regardless, the penalty stood and Mike was knocked out in 19th place soon after returning to the table.

In 2012, WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart was right when he said that the poker room is not a church and without celebration, poker just wouldn’t be the same. However, celebrations can be excessive so always remember these 8 signs to determine if you might have reached that point.

8. Celebrating While Being the 90% Favorite on the Flop

If you ever get to the final table of a televised TV tournament, there are certain things you should keep in mind. For example, if you flop two pair in an all-in situation and your opponent only has backdoor outs, wait until the turn before popping those champagne bottles. You definitely won’t get penalized by the floor, but you will stand a 10% chance of penalizing yourself by being embarrassed on television.


7. Celebrating While Being the 86% Favorite on the Flop

Because that is 4% more premature than celebrating a 9-to-1 lead, it translates to a 4% higher chance of televised embarrassment. However, if it’s the WSOP Main Event final table, the sound of your soul being crushed may overshadow the embarrassment.


6. Mocking Your Opponent after Outdrawing Him on the River

If your opponent is the one celebrating excessively without a definite lock on the pot and you do manage to get there by the river, he is likely embarrassed enough so there is no reason to rub it in by impersonating him.


5. Humping a Chair

Seriously, just don’t.


4. Hiring an Orchestra to Play The Nutcracker for Your Last Hand of the Tournament

On the other hand, you can’t really get penalized since it’s the last hand of the tournament, so what the hell, go for it! And don’t forget to fall on the table for the encore!


3. Telling Your Opponent to get on His Bike

What if they don’t have a bike with them? Some people take public transportation.


2. Acting Crazy after a Horrible Suckout

If you find yourself making a horrible call and outdrawing your opponent, check with this guy. If anything you do after winning the pot resembles what he did, you might be overdoing it. In fact, anyone who makes a call this bad and gets this lucky deserves to get a one-round penalty regardless of their reaction.


1. Getting an Excessive Celebration Rule Named After You

There is no clearer sign that you are doing something wrong than getting your very own WSOP excessive celebration rule named after you. The “Hevad Khan” Rule was created after the 2007 Main Event and scrapped in 2012. So what does it take to get your very own WSOP rule named after you? At the very least, getting your own remix on youtube.