Today is April 20th, 2008.  It marks the beginning the second to last tournament stop for the World Series of Poker Circuit Events of the year and it is also a “national holiday”; for those of you who are unaware, 4/20 is national pot smoking day.  Legend sometimes says that 4/20 is the police code for arresting someone for marijuana possession, or other various versions of this idea. But, the Editor in Chief of High Times magazine explains that it was actually because a group of teenagers from San Rafael, California would smoke by their school at 4:20 PM everyday and it was right by where the Grateful Dead were rumored to have been practicing and recording at the time.  They supposedly caught on and popularized the 420 icon.

Now, 420 and poker have little, if anything, to do with each other except many people fight for both to be legal and it seems California is the most progressive state for each.  But today, 4/20, is the first event of the Caesars Las Vegas Circuit stop.  Like many other circuit stops Caesars will have 12 (13, but the Ladies No Limit Hold’Em event is called event 11 along with another event 11) tournaments ending in a $5150 Main Event. The first tournament, beginning today, is $550 buy-in No Limit Hold’Em, which sets the stage for a frenzy of No Limit Hold’Em tournaments of all different buy-in levels.  In fact, the Caesars stop has 10 No Limit Hold’Em events complemented by a Limit Hold’Em, a Pot Limit Omaha, and an Omaha 8 or better tournament to round out the schedule.

The World Series begins in a little over a month with only Caesars and a New Orleans Circuit stop to go.  Stop back for updates on the Caesars Circuit and New Orleans Circuit leading up to what will certainly be an exciting 2008 WSOP.