Dying to get a shot at the 2010 World Series of Poker? 888Poker.com may have just the ticket you need. Right now, they’re offering players a shot at 88 seats to this year’s biggest dance. Each month, they’ll be doling out big-money tickets to Vegas.

But here’s where things get interesting. Rather than holding one or two straight-up promotional tournaments, 888 is offering users eight separate ways to earn their WSOP berth. With so many roads to travel, there’ll be an option to suit almost everyone.

Whichever avenue you choose, you’ll have multiple chances to earn a prize. Take a look below!

1: Race Your Way

Log onto 888Poker.com and grab as many Poker Status Points as you can. The top four earners at the end of each month with receive a $15,000 WSOP package, while players 5-8 will net both a $5,000 WSOP Side Event deal and another shot at one of the top prizes. Contestants 9-150 will also be eligible for this second chance.

2: Bounty Hunter

For a three month period, players should keep an eye out for 888Poker stars Leo Margets and Shane Warne. The site will be hosting twice weekly WSOP Bounty tournaments, giving the top two finishers a chance to satellite into their Amazing Chance WSOP Bounty Freeroll. First place wins one of 888’s $15,000 WSOP Packages, with second and third runners-up netting the also sweet $5,000 Side Event package. Those players lucky enough to eliminate one of the bounties during the initial tournaments will also receive entry into the Amazing Chance WSOP Bounty Freeroll.

3: Cards and Coins

Each month, 888Poker is offering their casino lovers a shot at Vegas glory. Those lucky enough to top the monthly poker and casino status point boards will receive the $15,000 WSOP package, with second place earning the requisite $5,000 Side Event package. On top of that, players 2-100 will receive a second chance at one of 888Poker.com’s premier WSOP packages.

4: One for the Ladies

888 loves the ladies, as evidenced by this offering tier. In another monthly race, members of the fairer sex can compete for a position atop the Poker Status Point leaderboard. First place will land you smack in the center of this year’s WSOP, with one of 888’s $15,000 packages in tow. Second and third place finishers net their $5,000 Side Event package and (along with places 4-30) another bid for a $15K ride.

5: Persistence Pays

Are you a fan of cash games? We certainly are, and 888Poker.com is giving out even bigger incentives to their ring game enthusiasts. Each month, they’ll be keeping tabs on the customers who play the most raked hands. The top two finishers will both receive a $15,000 WSOP Package, while players three and four will get earn an instant $5,000 Side Event Package. As with their other tiers, players 3-100 will each get a second shot at a $15K prize.

6: Social Success

Here’s a different one. Upload a video to Youtube, stating why you should be the recipient of one of 888Poker.com’s $15K WSOP Packages. The video with the most views at the end of this three month race will get exactly that! There are also two $5,000 Side Event Packages available through this tier. Players can follow @888poker on twitter and tweet “I want @888poker’s twitter WSOP package! My 888poker username is:” to receive entry into the WSOP Twitter Freeroll. Otherwise, become a fan of 888Poker on Facebook and look for further instructions.

7: Tourney Lovers

Who doesn’t love poker tournaments? Well, 888Poker is giving you the chance to do what you love while earning a shot at the biggest tournament of them all! Each month, they’ll be keeping an eye on the tournament trenches. By taking the number of tournaments played by each user and multiplying it by their buy-in amount, 888 will create a whole new leaderboard each month. Chart-toppers receive in instant $15,000 WSOP Package, with the second and third finishers earning a $5,000 Side Event Package. Players 2-100 will also receive another shot at one of the big time Vegas packages.

8: Bring Your Buddies

Are you a social person? Well, it’s time to cash in a few favors! Each month, the user who invites the most friends to 888Poker will receive an instant $15,000 WSOP Package. The user with the second-most friends won’t walk away disappointed, however. They’ll earn a $5,000 Side Event Package and, along with each finisher up to 30, another chance to win a $15,000 Package.

It should be noted that, for each of these methods (other than 2 and 6), there is one more finishing level. The numbers vary from tier to tier, but 888 lists that those who bow out just below earning their second shot at a $15,000 WSOP Package will get “Last Chance”. It’s unclear what this means, exactly, but it’s certainly better than nothing!

So, kudos to 888Poker. These are the kinds of promotions that can really galvanize a fanbase, all while attracting new players to the tables.