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That’s one small step for man, one GIANT LEAP for poker… The brand new 888poker experience has landed, offering the first major web-based 3D poker.

To celebrate the official launch of its new revolutionary 3D software on 27th July, 888poker is offering players the chance to turn 8¢ into $30,000, iPads, Sony Home Cinemas and Kindles.

To go with its new look and name 888poker has been given a complete makeover! Rewritten from scratch, the new 888poker software gives players a whole different gaming experience and is definitely something to shout about.

Here’s a taste of what’s new:

– The first web-based 3D poker experience
– Quick-Click Beginners’ Lobby
– User Friendly Table Layout
– Fabulous graphics & gameplay
– Amazing Avatars
– Choose your deck and theme options
– Colour Indicators
– Personalised Lobby

Based on tests and feedback from members, this upgraded version will improve player satisfaction and overall usability, as well as visually entice!

To build upon the entire 888poker experience, 888poker has also launched the brand new 888poker Rewards Store, where players can swap poker points for prizes such as iPods, poker accessories, cars and even holidays!

Plus, if all this wasn’t enough,888poker has entered into the social world with a new multi-interactive community, The community provides a new social network for poker faces to connect off the tables and unlike other social networks, members of are rewarded for every activity, whether it is voting on a forum, uploading a photo or simply joining a group.

This revolution is the news that poker players have been waiting for, so be sure to make the most of the 888poker experience.

With over 5 million registered users, 888poker continues to offer the best consumer experience.

To find out more information about 888poker’s new community, online store and software, please visit 888poker today!

(888poker Media Release)